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Haulage is a hilarious thing in Myanmar (Burma). However, the diversity makes a intriguing mix of new and old techniques possible, which you should try out for yourself on your next trip to the state. The Myanmar shipment isn't for the faint-hearted, but it's full of joy.

Quite simply, your legs can give you many places in the land. Respectable walking shoes are not necessary for the overwhelming part of the places in the land, but a sealed toes sports shoe is my preferred shoe. Up until recently, many of the bikes you could hire in the land were centuries old, and it turned out.

A bicycle rental can run from 1000k yat (~$1.00) / per person per night to 3000k yat (~$3.00) / per person per year. When you are around for a few short trips and find one that you like, speak to the store owner and agree to take the same bicycle for a few short trips. In Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake) or Bagan, where stores are normally only opened after dawn if you have lost an hour of it.

TIP: Consider hiring a bicycle from a place other than your guest house to distribute the funds in the town. Recently "mountain bikes" from China are on their way to the countryside. When you are interested in a more serious bicycle tour, some firms within the state are offering bicycle rides with good bicycles and street assistance.

I talked to a pair of people in Switzerland who had 20 punctures in 20 fucking working nights with the inner tube normally available in the countryside. Incorporated in the mainstream, the e-bike is mainly prohibited in Bagan/Nyanug U, and currently in the Inle Lake/Nyaungshwe area. Hiring one of these bicycles costs about 5000 to 12000 kyats (~$5.00-$12.00) per daily.

When you plan to ride an e-bike with two persons, I strongly suggest spraying for a larger and better one. Examine for a full batterie and take the e-bike for a whirlpool before you drop down your money.... the qualitiy and maintenance for these e-bikes will vary a lot from place to place and bicycle to bicycle.

If you get a good one, just let them replace the batteries for a new one instead of getting a different bicycle every single working days. It is one of the slower and less convenient ways of transportation in Myanmar, and that says a great deal. You have the opportunity to take a trip one, but for the ultimate riding adventure.

It will throw you anywhere from 200k yat (~$0. 20) and higher. The best thing to do first (or ask your guesthouse) is to find out what kind of fare you should cover for the duration of your trip and you should be expecting a "tourist price" that is many-fold higher than that of the local people.

Horseback rides in a horse-drawn carriage around the ancient temple of Bagan or Mrauk U is one of these icons in Burma (Myanmar). Lumbering, stinking and with bad prospects, it is also best as a brief event and not as an all-day one. Their best is a little sunshine, because the driving skills on these wood bikes and cliffy streets won't be at the top of your to-do lists for a second attempt.

It is 500 kyats and more, according to how long / far. Inquire about the current prices for jumping temples, which can be in the region of 15000-300000000k yat (~$15-$30). A funky three-wheeled trishaw on the roads of Mawlamyine (Mon State) Myanmar. In Burma (Myanmar) not so common in comparison to Thailand or India, you can still see some of them.

Prices begin at 500k yat, and it's a good time to check the current prices before you look for one. For example the 15 km long trip from Kalaw to Aungban over 1000 to 1500 kyats. Mostly from Mandalay, there are some motorbike operators who will provide you with a good bicycle, schedule the trip and give you the assistance you need.

Await you more than in neighbouring Thailand, and for a shabbier motorcycle (typically Burma). It is forbidden for non-nationals to ride or rent motorbikes in different parts of the state. Also, know that healthcare in this land is horrible and I have hit a stranger who took his foot off on a motorcycle.

He had to wait a few hours to leave the land and receive appropriate health care (and he was part of a led journey). TIP: You can also pick up a 200 kiloat (.20$) hood to keep the dirt off Myanmar's streets out of your nostrils and air.

Yeah, I learnt that from own experiences. Prices are reasonable, from 300k yat in the city to several thousand between cities. Canoeing around Myanmar's lagoons. It is definitely one of my favourite ways to enjoy the lake and everything that is around it slowly and quietly.

At places on and around Lake Inle, you often paddle the Intha way by leaning on your back and walking with one foot while you paddle with the other. Don't miss this opportunity. Think about renting a kayak and a rider by going to the dock in a town around Lake Inle (one of my best experiences in the country).

Prices from 1000 to 6000 kyats. From Nyaungshwe it takes about 45-60 minutes by bicycle. When you are near the Inle Lake, a motorboat is probably your means of transport for at least one night. Uncomfortable, the vibrant torso and the noisy sound of the engines make you wonder where the calm of the lake you have been reading about has gone.

Typically the route around the pond is 18000-20000k for a small vessel, or 6000k-7000k for an east/west crossing. Myanmar's many waters are often used as a means of transport. An overcrowded, locally owned bus driving down the dirt track in Rakhine State, Myanmar. If you take the town bus, ask your guest house which bus you should take, how much it will cost and how you can find it.

Prices are often 200-300k yat, but check with your guest house. Bus terminals are usually poorly situated, far from the centre of the towns, so you will almost certainly have to take a cab to get there. In some towns there are two or more bus stops (local and long-distance), so make sure you know which stop you need to be at and whether you need to change to another to take your next bus when you change in one town.

Although not a pleasant moment for big travellers, it is a great adventure, especially for 2 hour trips. 1,000 to 3,000 kyat. 3 ) There are some "VIP" busses that appear in Burma / Myanmar along the mainlines. You' ll be paying more for the luxuries however, 16000-22000 and up.

That' the best value in bus transport in the state. It is a good way to book your guest house in advanced, as there is nothing worst than to walk the roads before sunrise in search of a guest house. When you want to cut costs from Aung Mingalar bus station in Yangon to the city centre, you can use the sharing cab for a small part of the price of a normal cab fare (and no negotiation).

Take a cab here if you do not want to go to your accommodation / guest house on foot. Prices to and from bus terminals and airport in the city centre are fairly fixed, so ask what the price should be in your guest house before taking to the road to find a rider. 500kyat and above for shorter trips.

They can also hire a vehicle and a motorist to drive you around the countryside. "Bagan will run about 35000 yat /Aday. Tune up a radios and use the cabin climate on a rail ride in the south of Myanmar. It is another "Myanmar experience". "Having a good time on shorter trips and being tortured on longer trips can be a much better way to communicate with the local people than the A/C bus.

In order to put it in the right light, it is the opposite of a high-quality Europe railway. Just think of it now: the platoon swings from one side to the other, then it bounces sharply up and down, pockets fly off the racks above and humans stand up to support themselves. I would suggest to do it once in the countryside, if possible on a short (~3h) itinerary.

HINT: In Yangon you can take the round trip through the town. Yangon-Bagan trains are costly and unpleasant. I have never had a lone individual tell me that she had a good time on it, and she is costly (relatively). Trains are bought in US dollars and several categories may be available.

Don't rely on the timetables in your guide, ask at your guest house. Most places have rail passes one hours before departures, for other places it is best to buy them the previous morning at an MTT tourist information centre or at the station itself. The station is often easier to reach than the bus station in the big towns.

Enjoy a different kind of life when you see Bagan from above with a warm aerials. Capturing everything Myanmar is without a look from the skies can be hard, and a hot-air flight in Bagan, Inle Lake or Pindaya is now possible. It is best to use a landline agency to organise a domestic flight, as these cannot be bought securely on-line at the moment, especially with the country's bad web services.

Also if you are outside the UK, the vast majority of airline companies will not even appear in your kayak and skyscanner search, or have a website that has no means of financing other than a wire remittance from a Myanmar bank. More than a few domestic carriers are available, the state-owned Myanma has the absolutely poorest name.

There is no such thing as an impeccable security track record for a domestic airliner. The last crash was at the end of 2012 when an airplane carrying Air Bagan crashed near Inle Lake. I' ve been to the countryside a couple dozens of landings in the last five years. When you fly in and out of the countryside, the most common route is via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, although Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Singapore and many China & Europe & Middle East flights are possible.

The ways of travel in Myanmar can be as varied as the colourful materials you can buy in the mall. No matter what your experiences with Myanmar Haulage, tell us your stories in the commentaries below. Did you travel in Myanmar? Which was your most remarkable way to explore the land?

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