Myanmar Burma Travel

Burma Myanmar Travel

Burma The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travelling to parts of Rakhine, Shan and Kachin. Inform yourself before your departure. A group hike in Myanmar (Burma): Journeys in Burma or Myanmar have recently gained popularity. A trip to Myanmar is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

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Burma, formally the Republic of Myanmar, is a commanding nation on the Bay of Bengal in Southeast Asia, bordering Bangladesh, China, India, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar's visitor is attracted by the county's past and present with its numerous sanctuaries, palaces and other historic places.

Bagan, on the shores of the Irrawaddy River, is one of the most important destinations in Myanmar and one of the biggest archeological places in Southeast Asia. The Mandalay Palast - the last regal castle of the Myanmar Empire, the Inle Sea - a quiet mountain sea, the Shwedagon Lagoon - the over 2000 year old, 105 meter high, gold Yangon Lagoon and of course the Irrawaddy River, which begins and ends in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, Burma, since the lifting of US penalties in 2012, there has been a sharp rise in tourist activity. Nov-March is the" cold season" - high peak period - for Myanmar trips. Burma has a three different months of the year tropic monsoons: Every time of the year has its own advantages for travelling and tours.

Burma has airport locations in Mandalay (MDL) and Yangon (RGN). From/to Mandalay (MDL) or Yangon (RGN) there are several departures a day. From Mandalay (MDL) or Yangon (RGN) to Bagan (NYU) - Nyaung U Airport there are several domestic connections a day. Myanmar River Cruise on the Irrawaddy River is the best way to explore Myanmar's scenery, heritage and people.

Irrawaddy Riviera runs 1,348mi (2,170km), starting and ending in Myanmar and linking humans from the north to the south deltas. It is a powerful stream full of lifeblood like it was hundreds of years ago. You' ll see rustic riverside towns, peasants ploughing their land, farmsteads, temples with oxen and yokes, and busy local fairs with fruit, veggies, silk, works of art and more.

The Irrawaddy in Myanmar transports you comfortably and stylishly through the inland, testifying to the splendour and sovereignty of the city and countryside. Irrawaddy is one of Myanmar's most important trade and culture veins, connecting its resource-rich heartland with its more advanced shores.

On board a Myanmar boat trip, professionally educated native cooks are preparing the best of Indonesian cooking with the freshness it requires, as well as the latest West European style and the most exquisite of famous Thai cuisines. During the trip you can observe live along the riverbank, bask in the sun, drink a cup of good wines, reading a text or simply enjoying the reflection on the waters as you feel the cold breezes blowing across the canal.

Choose a cruise for your Myanmar River Tour: It is recommended to be prepared for a wide range of meteorological situations, according to the time of year you are travelling. You will need the following articles for every destination: hiking boots, sun glasses, sun protection, mosquito repellent, helmet, umbrellas, light raincoats and/or other weatherproof outwear.

It is a blend of jackets, quotidian khaki, trousers, skirts, clothes and hiking trousers suitable for your day-to-day work. In many places, such as the temple and the pagoda, the visitor must have knee and shoulder covers; therefore long trousers or coats and sleeved tunics are necessary. The majority of places of worship also demand that boots and stockings be taken off.

We recommend sunhat ( (although they cannot be used in some temples), as well as a lightweight raincover, especially during the sundowner. Stable, comfy hiking boots with good ankles are very recommendable, as there are a large number of hikes in most places. People are asked to take off their boots and stockings in certain places, so you may choose to take off boots that are easy to take off.

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