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The Myanmar travel blog will provide you with important information before your trip. People in Burma eat and drink their beloved tea. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments for our bookings and services in Myanmar. Myanmar (formerly Burma) travel health and vaccination advice Our experts have the most important information about Myanmar (Burma) and tips and advice for a smooth and exciting trip.

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Myanmar is the northwestern part of the Indian-Chinese mainland and encompasses over 676,000 kmĀ². Myanmar's temperate tropics can put well-meaning travelers at great risk. 2. Before you leave, you should seek the advice of a physician to evaluate your health record and your journey itinerary.

You will be prescribed appropriate vaccines and medication to minimize your exposure to fatal illnesses during your absence. Travelers who are on the move in hot climatic zones always enjoy themselves with "the lust for the sun". The tasting of the regional cooking is one of the great joys of travelling. Safer food and drink habits are indispensable to minimize the risks of diarrhoeal illness.

Trave Doctor-TMVC's healthcare and care professionals have comprehensive expertise in global healthcare, immunization and preventive care. Travelers should receive an assessment of their own risks from one of our physicians, regardless of whether they are holidaymakers, business people or long-term outpatients. TMVC has hospitals all over Australia. We' re always there for you before you leave, on vacation or on your comeback.

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Last year's regime shift was what prompted me to make a journey at the end of December in the hope that things on the spot have improved. There are many places and there are still many at very reasonable rates - we have not had a bad dining in Myanmar during our journey (and we have tried all kinds of places, from street cafes to fancy places, mainly for regional dishes) - in fact I am already lacking the cuisine in Myanmar!

My own personal experiences are that Bagan and Mandalay start running Thailand for their living, both for the hotels and for the meals. And we felt this openness and reluctance to talk in the places we were visiting - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay. Until now I have not seen the kind of "invasion" that has brought Chinese/Korean/Western funds and tourists to Cambodia, virtually wiping out our indigenous population.

It' s clear that the Myanmar administration is learnt from the experiences of its neighbors, and some of the limitations it imposes seem to help maintain this (e.g. local people still make memorabilia, not the Made in China crap that floods all places of interest; no McDonalds -- anyway).

When you want your cash to go directly to the individual, you can try out what memorabilia (and there are so many good, all brilliantly performed crafts) they are selling. I' m just a little supportive of my last experiences.

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