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Wild Frontiers Group Tours. We have put together our Myanmar tours especially for you. Itineraries for a variety of budgets, interests and timeframes. It is a very different Burma cruise. Burmese tours consist of many cultural highlights and beautiful moments in the midst of beautiful nature.

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A vacation in Myanmar that embodies the romanticism of travelling still seems like the exploration of something new. Banned for almost that long, it has retained much of its extravagant appeal despite the increasing number of travelers travelling to Myanmar. Featuring artifacts of dedication, landmarks like the thousand sanctuaries that dot the wide plain of Bagan or the Shwedagon Pagoda that shimmers with golden and jewelry are impressive.

Contains all our small group trips to Asia, incl. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Seeing more than 4000 shrines reaching the powdery plain of Bagan as far as the eyes can see is such a premonition of the tropical Eastern world that it is almost mythic. Become the celebrity of your own romance adventures if you experience the view yourself before you explore some of the temple sites up close. Come and see for yourself!

As the sun sets, the long scarlet lights look across the plains and the temple seems to turn color as the shades prolong. See the temple by plane from a warm aeroplane for a unique time. Slide along the glazed shore of the pond, past stilted homes and native fishers who pull fishing gear out of the waters with their unmistakable oarsmanship.

Brilliant plants are grown in the swimming garden and the tribesmen congregate for mile at the early market. It is a tranquil haven that seems untouched by advancement, a trip to Lake Inle is as relaxed as it is interesting. As a former top terminus in Britain, Kalaw is a quiet place with an ambience that reminds of former colonies.

A little outside of Kalaw there are high on the hillside situated teashops in which the Palaung is located. The locals still wore their old-fashioned colorful costumes and headgear. The historic Mandalay was erected at the base of Mandalay Hill and on the banks of the Irrawaddy River as Burma's last imperial city.

In the Mandalay area there are many antique gems, among them over 700 of them. Ngapali's shores stretch for three kilometers along the Bay of Bengal and are the most beautiful in Burma. Visiting nearby towns and market places to get an insight into living in the country Myanmar (Burma). Observe the sunset behind the thousand of complicated Stupa that cover the Bagan plains.

Take a small river boat to discover the swimming towns and parks of Lake Inle and see how the natives are living. A lot of visitors come to the cloisters to see Myanmar Abbeys, but a trip to a nearby convent to enjoy lunches with the indigenous monastics and find out more about their way of living on Sagaing Hill, outside Mandalay, is an memorable one.

Maybe a remnant of the British, Myanmar (Burma) has an affinity for infusions and a visit to a teahouse is a quite indigenous one. Taste the homemade pasta or mullet, a seafood gruel commonly known as Myanmar (Burma) nationwide pasta, all served with a steamed glass of milk or mousse.

Irrawaddy Explorer is the ideal way to explore the Irrawaddy River, the principal riverway of the land and the spring of many fisheries and agricultural activities as well as the lives in the towns.

Hike the Kalaw Collegiate Mountain Base, high on the pine-covered hillside, or hike to surrounding mountain towns.

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