Myanmar Burma People

Burma Myanmar people

Browse Audley's travel guide to the people of Burma (Myanmar) with recommendations for unforgettable travel experiences by a travel specialist. Myanmar Army is the largest branch of the army (Tatmadaw) of Myanmar (Burma) and has the main responsibility for conducting military operations on land. Myanmar Army maintains the second largest active force in Southeast Asia after the People's Army of Vietnam. The main rivers of Burma are the Chindwin (the'Mighty Chindwin') and the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady). Burmese people had no choice because the government was not democratically elected.

Hannah, the Audley expert, will meet the Burmese nation.

"Myanmar will remain the primary source of inspiration for Burma's tourists because of the way they are received. During my last visit to Burma, it was the humans I encountered that became the high points of my itinerary. On my cruise around Inntha Sea I encountered a woman of the same old as my grandma, who was a member of the Inntha family.

It is the Burmese and their sincere wish to live their life with you that makes the visit to this land an ever new adventure."

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