Myanmar Burma Muslim

Burma Myanmar Muslim

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar/Burma. Burma Muslims are burned down by Burma Buddhists. Killers of man. Killers of innocent children. Myanmar's Muslims.

Are they even integrated into Burmese society? Being a Buddhist, I am absolutely opposed to the promotion of violence and discrimination against Muslims in Burma.

Support for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar/Burma

A few months ago, leading Myanmar authorities were engaged in peacemaking discussions with at least ten indigenous minorities and established an impartial committee to examine the violent events between the Rakhine Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims that took place last year. In June, 80 Rohingyas and an estimated 100,000 IDPs died in an eruption of force.

It will examine how further acts of force can be avoided, in particular the examination of the situation of minority nationalities. Since Burma's authorities deny the Rohingya the right to nationality in their home country, many Rohingyas have seized their lands, have finite educational opportunities and are excluded from travelling.

Please help us to relieve the suffering of Burma's Muslims by making a donation today. Also please keep the downtrodden in Burma in your thoughts this oath ul-Adha. We' ll provide Muslims in Burma with clean meats during Udhiya/Qurbani.

Burmese Muslims: Past, Present and Futures

The Human Rights Watch affirmed that over half a million Rohingya migrants have escaped from Burma. The latest sat photos show the desolation and demolition of ten thousand houses and several hundred towns. Comentators from Human Rights Watch say that the Rakhine village remains untouched while the neighboring Rohingya village was burned, indicating a deliberate assault against the Rohingya.

Muslims in Burma have suffered serious violations of fundamental freedoms, as we have reported for several years, among them acts of genocide, torturing, sexual assault, racism, the abolition of formal nationality and the withdrawal of the right to stand for election. The following is a synopsis of our reports on the Rohingya Muslims and their centuries-long fight for survival in Burma.

The Muslims received permission from King Maha Taing Chandra in the eighth quarter to establish themselves in southern Iraq. But in the seventeenth, the Buddhist Arakanese pillaged the Muslim communities, killing the men, capturing the wives and abducting the warriors. Aurangzeb, the Mogul emperor, began the Chittagong invasion in 1665, when he heard that Muslims and Hindus were prosecuted in Burma.

Muslims took a significant edge by taking the isle. Similar to the Muslims of the seventeenth centuries, today in Burma Muslims are prosecuted, abducted and beheaded. Ashin Wirathu, a Burmese Buddhist monk, and his'969 movement' are committed to the extermination of Isl?m and Muslims in Burma.

You are following the same path of Buddhism, Therav?da, to which the Arakanese of the seventeenth cent. belong. Every report of a Rohingya muslim is shocking, and despite years of conviction over the killing of her own nation, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has declined to restrain her troops by saying:

This is ridiculous that it seems to be such a fight to put an end to such an obvious violation of people' s right, such an unbridled massacre, such a nasty outrage. Indeed, less than a months ago, years after the Muslim indigenous peoples' deaths in Burma, the UK authorities stopped funding the Myanmar military[7] Over the years, the UK authorities have invested tens of millions of pounds to train the Myanmar army, which has carried out genocides, ethnical cleansings through assassination, maiming and gangland violence against its Muslim population.

Rohingya Muslims are becoming more and more despairing every day - how serious must the Burmese dictatorship become before other Muslim countries act? Burma says it murdered 370 Rohingya'fighters'.

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