Myanmar Burma Flag

Burma Myanmar Flag

Myanmar flag (Burma). There is a large white five-pointed star in the middle of the flag. This flag was inspired by the Burmese flag from around the Second World War. Myanmar digitally printed flags are made of high quality, durable polyester. Made-to-the-Flag Institute approved design by us here in the UK.

Myanmar Flag

The early flag of the sovereign had a simple backdrop with a striking nationality in the middle in many ASIA. Peafowl was the main symbol in Myanmar, which King Alaungpaya adopted in 1757. Peacocks, symbol of the Buddha and the Lord's Law, should also represent luck and oneness.

There was a blue flag with a golden disc carrying the pepper under Britain's Colonization (1886-1948), when the land became known as Burma, although during most years of Britain's reign only Union Jack was shown. People of Burma, who opposed Britain at the end of the nineteenth centuary, used the icon of the priest on a flag.

A Japanese sponsor marionette regiment in August 1943 set up a horizonal tricolor of yellow-green-red with a blank disc and a golden core pea. Myanmar resistances who collaborated with the British against Japan used a flag with a singular blank asterisk in the top lifting area. The United Kingdom recognised Burma's sovereignty in 1948.

At that time the adopted flag, on the basis of the resisting force flag, was marked by a deep blu with a large blank start and five smaller flags symbolising the unification of the Burmese, Karen, Shan, Kachin and Chinese people. A new government regimen in 1974 substituted this flag with a revised one.

Interethnic constellations were superseded by 14 constellations for the country's policy divisions, and instead of the big constellation there was a gear wheel depicting industry labourers and two spikes (and four leaves) of riceframed rices, a peasant icon. The name of the land was moved from Burma to Myanmar in 1988, after the creation of a new army rule, and the 1974 flag was upheld.

In 2008, Myanmar adopted a new treaty (in force since January 2011), and one of its terms was the acceptance of a new flag. It is reminiscent of the yellow-green-red tricolor of 1943, but instead of the old tricolor used on the previous flag, a blank flag asterisk was placed in the middle of the flag.

First flag was raised on October 21, 2010.

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