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The Temples & Tribal Tattooed Women of Western Myanmar. Myanmar Travel Blog guest article by Natalie. Myanmarnat - Share on Facebook. An extensive Burmese weather and festival guide. Myanmar, officially Myanmar, is an up-and-coming destination in Southeast Asia.

As we want to tell the Myanmar story (Burma)

What we wanted was something that would tell a tale and lead you to that goal in a very individual way. Jessica's leader recounts an old popular history among the rare adventures, which exposes as many issues as it responds to. Myanmar was isolated from the outside World for years.

Nine times attendee Dustin Main tells why now is the ideal moment to take the leap and see Myanmar (Burma). His humble knowledge of the languages allows him to reveal the few words needed to make a sound from head to toe. An important part of this process was the choice of pictures.

As there was no lack of applicants, this was one of the more demanding parts of the work. Our picture journalists have used the pictures in such a way that they merge in the course of history.

These pictures contain a good mix of breathtaking scenery, characteristic Myanmar (Burma) and some nice human-paintings.

Guidebook for beginners in Myanmar

The following articel was written by one of our female readership, Natalie, who also wrote the Myanmar Travel Blog. Tonight she gives some of her best advice and insight for everyone who travels to Myanmar! Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a southeast Asian nation that is not yet solidly rooted on the tourism path like its neighbours:

Open to the public for the last 5 years, there is still much to explore and study about this mystical world. Let us begin with some facts, the Kyats are the country's main source of income and speak mainly Myanmar, a sounding and looking different from its Asiatic neighbors!

It is not as common as in the more common Southeast Asia although most of the locals you meet enjoy practicing. Don't ever be spoiled with an officers at a check point (you can get through some of them while on the road). Naypyidaw is the only town in Myanmar where there are no blackouts!

It is much more interesting to see Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, or the busy centre of Mandalay. West European fashions have (fortunately) not yet arrived in this part of the globe, so don't be amazed if you find men in tunics named Longgyi. After my traveling companion had ripped off 2 dishes, we found out the tough way and couldn't find out why we were so overwhelmed for a nice cuppa!

There' s a well-worn touristic trail in Myanmar. But that doesn't mean that this is not an unbelievable way, because it is full of unbelievable sight. From Yangon the Schwedagon Pagoda is a good base for your trip and gives a good glimpse of what the land has to offer.

The small town of Bagan is a convenient but slightly longer (about 10 hours) coach trip away from Yangon and for many a highpoint. It is a one-of-a-kind place in the whole wide oceans with centuries and millennia of shrines and palagodas stretching as far as the eyes can see.

With some of the best sunrise and sunset in Southeast Asia, Bagan gives a run for its bucks to other beloved buddhistic resorts in the area, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Borobudur in Indonesia. One or three days with the e-bike around the paragliding areas and temple visits are an adventure you should not miss - if you have already been in the area, you should not miss it!

Inle Lake is another place in Myanmar not to be miss. It' s a marvellous sensation to be so far away from the occidental worlds and surround yourself with the sound of it all. There is something for everyone with nice palm-fringed, empty shores in the east such as NgweSaung, hiking trails in the south and interesting historic centres throughout the state.

It will not be long before this new land will become a favourite for travelers. To be so new, there is not much information on the web about traveling in Myanmar. That' s why I created the Myanmar Traveller Blog, which is full of tales and information built on my own experiences and provides an accurate report on what it really is like to be there.

For Natalie's mail or if you are traveling in Myanmar you can track her on Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.

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