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Rahim Muddinn observed for four whole working hours, astonished as the state papers of Myanmar released inserts showing Rohingya Muslims who have been charged with being almost 250 photographs of every single night. It hit at a low level at a depth of 10 km (six miles) about 40 km (24 miles) western of the city of Phyu and 176 km (110 miles) northeast of Yangon.

Mr Rakhine was thrown into conflict last August after a string of clan-based roundups that murdered at least a decade of officers triggered a violent bombing that sent some 650,000 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh.


Meanwhile, the magistrate supervising the case against two imprisoned Reuters reporters has denied a motion to consider the statement of a whistle-blowing policeman "hostile". One policeman today stated in front of the courts that two imprisoned Reuters Journalist were "established" by the rioters. This contradicts formal testimonies about their detention in December.

One Yangon court rejected a request to dismiss the indictment of imprisoned Reuters reporters Ko Wa Lone and Ko Kyaw Soe Oo and said he needed to listen to more proof. It is the aim of the Institute to foster a corporate citizenship policy and evidence-based decision-making to foster peacemaking and intergovernmental understanding.

Myanmar's military leader said seven troops were convicted of involvement in the extra-judicial murders of 10 Rohingya Muslim men last year. For some, the National League for Democracy's choice to support U T Khun Myat as the new Hluttaw spokesman came as a shock, not least because he is not a partisan.

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google.maps.event.addDomListener(window,'load', initialize); Myanmar's administration has rejected a statement that documents at least five massgraves with Rohingya Muslim citizens who were murdered by the army with the help of buddhistic neighbours.

She is quoted in a report by Myanmar leaders Aung San Suu Kyi's bureau as saying that "hate stories from outside the country" have stirred up tension between the Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist Rakhine groups in the western part of the state. The Rohingya Soccer Club to deliver "happy news" A soccer club was founded in Malaysia by Rohingya migrants who have escaped near Myanmar to sharpen their intern. The aim is to show what Rohingya can do when they are not under oppressio tion.

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