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The Myanmar conflict: Falsified photographs ignite suspense

The recent wave of violent events in the north of Myanmar's state of Rakhine has been backed up by a series of deceptive pictures disseminated in the local community press. Photographs and videos allegedly from the dispute are widespread. In the past, profound distrust and competition between the Rohingya Muslims and the vast majority of Rakhine's Buddhists has resulted in fatal local government brutality.

Rohingya have been persecuted for years in Myanmar, where they are refused nationalism. WARNUNG: This item contains pictures that may upset some users. The volatility and strong animosity towards the Rohingyas have made it very hard to collect information, even those who have made it.

This is what we know about what happened in Rakhine: Mehmet Simsek, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, twittered four photos on 29 August and called on the world to stop the raheingyas ethnocleans. Mr. Simsek erased them three day after his tweeting, in which many folks questioned the pictures.

Several Burmese men who challenge Mr Zimsek over tweets have proposed becoming a victim of the devastation of Cyclone Nargis in May 2008. Some said they were riverboat accident casualties in Myanmar. The picture does not reflect the recent violent events in the state of Rakhine. And it was hard to find the forth picture of those who dived into a channel, but it can be found on a website asking for donations for the recent floods in Nepal.

The Rohingyas are now in a hectic race for control in the masses, with each side's competing wars. Mr President, I have been bombed with cruel pictures pretending to show massacre casualties, most of which are hard to check. Some of the pictures are clearly false.

A picture sent to me (below) allegedly showing Rohingya fighters practicing with guns turned out to be a photo of Bangladesh nationals who fought in the 1971 IDP. At the beginning of this year, when a United Nations Commission on the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms and Fundamental Freedoms conducted investigations into allegations of breaches of human freedoms in the State of Rakhine, it declined to use photos or videos that it had not taken itself, as the issue of authentication of this footage existed.

However, her insights into the "devastating cruelty" to the Rohingya Fellowship and what she called a crime against humanitarianism were denied by the Myanmar administration, which then declined to grant a visa for a fact-finding missions to Rakhine state. Information from various resources on the present state of Rakhine provides a clear view of a serious dispute with major humanitarian losses.

Cruelties seem to have occurred on both sides, but the Rohingya attacked by the police and civilian armies now seems to be much more serious. However, it will take a long while to get an exact image of what is going on, as the impartial viewers have hardly any entry to this area.

However, the dis-information campaign of the mass communication industry will reinforce the attitude on both sides and possibly exacerbate the war.

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