Myanmar Breaking News of today

Burma Breaking News of today

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Strong earthquake hits Myanmar near the ancient capitol

Receive the latest headlines and feature articles. Newsworthy and message cardinal provided day greeting greeting. An enormous 6.8 magnitude seismic attack rattling in the middle of Myanmar on Wednesday afternoons damaged centuries-old Buddha Schools in the South East Asia country and killed at least three persons, said Indonesian authorities. It struck about 4:34 pm in the p.m. ET about 15 leagues westward of Chauk, near the old capitol Bagan.

Shaking down structures in Myanmar's biggest town of Yangon and throughout the area, it sent frightened workmen out of their office, Reuter's testimonies said. This earthquake was also felt in the Thai capitol Bangkok, Bangladesh, India, Laos and China. One firefighter from the state capitol Magwe said two young women were murdered when a river bank in Yenanchaung, just south of Chauk, gave way.

An individual was murdered and another wounded when a tobaccoprocessing plant in the city of Pakkoku in the north crumbled, the serving officers of the locals' fire brigade said.

Swine influenza in Myanmar hits 10 people when the government tried to stop the virus from spreading.

10 persons were killed in an H1N1 strain in Myanmar, a healthcare officer said as the government intensified its information campaign on the country's SWFs. Recent outbreaks began more than a weeks ago, said Vice President of the Division of Infectious Illnesses at the Ministry of Heath and Sports, Thinzar Aung.

Myanmar's largest town, Yangon, is the most affected area. Educational activities were conducted and the agencies tried to allay people' s fear of the eruption, even though the shops in Yangon were overstocked. Bureaucracies have urged the general population not to be panicked and have described the recent eruption as a recurrent feature of the season.

"We' ve never held back information about the illness's infection," the state-run paper called Myint Htwe, Minister of Health, Myint New Light of Myanmar. "We' re publishing genuine information about our winter bluetongue case, H1N1." In Myanmar, although there have been no reports of viral fatalities in recent years, health authorities have said that HIV1N1 has been a strain of Myanmar for the season since a 2009 worldwide outbreak.

Apart from those who have been destroyed by the viral infection, 51 persons have become infected with the illness, according to the MHS. Irrespective of this, Myanmar's Cattle Department has also announced an H5N1 avian influenza epidemic in the North. Over 1,800 hens were slaughtered after the vaccine was discovered last months on a farmyard in the city of Dawei.

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