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A Protestant Catholic organisation in Kachin State in the north of Myanmar has ceased to provide aid after the Myanmar war. China's Asia Minister General Aung Hlaing met with Sun Guoxiang in Myanmar Nay Pyi Taw. Burma has delayed the third round of the countrywide peacemaking discussions because ethnic armed organizations have ratified the government's peacemaking agreement to participate in the preparation sittings.

The Myanmar mission headed by U Myint Thu paid a visit to Dhaka to participate in the second JWG meeting on the repatriation of verified displaced persons. For the first year, Myanmar fulfilled the selection requirements to obtain LDC designation in the latest report of the United Nations CDP. The United States is worried about the safety of the Shan City Muse on the Myanmar-China-frontier.

U.S. Weigh Pressure on Myanmar in Rohingya Crisis

Before the US State Department establishes whether the Burmese military's continuing horrors of the Rohingya Muslims are considered to constitute racial cleansings, Congress members are trying to put coercive pressures on the country's administration to tackle the war. Resolutions in this House and in the Senate denounce the violent acts and call on Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's leading woman, to give a stronger voice on this subject.

This is a first stage in Congress's plan, which could ultimately entail a separate bill providing for penalties against Myanmar's armed forces. However, legislators like Democrat Senator Richard Durbin say Myanmar, also known as Burma, must act now. State Senator Durbin and several other government al and democracy legislators held a meeting this weekend with Myanmar's envoy and said that his country's relations with the US depend on how it reacts to the war.

He said legislators will allow external monitors to enter the areas of war, blame troops for horrors and work with the UN refugees office to resettle the expelled Rohingya. I had Durbin say. There is still not clear how much US Congress backing for more action. Majority Senate secretary-general Mitch McConnell, a long-time advocate of Myanmar democratic rule, warned against urging his party chief Aung San Suu Kyi on this matter.

Durbin also recognises that maintaining relations with Myanmar's armed services could help transform the Myanmar police force, which reacted with overpowering repression to the Rohingya fighters' fatal August outbreak. While Congress is weighing the measures, lobby groups are already urging for new penalties on this matter. "We have had some very fruitful talks with members of Congress and senators, and what we demand is that Congress and the government impose penalties on the Burma Marine Commandant and also on Burma's armed operations," Simon Billenness, the International Campaign's Executive Manager for the Rohingya, said to VOA.

He has recently been meeting with the US State Department to press for these penalties. Hopefully, the problem can get out of Washington's party-political struggles. "Burma is an overarching topic across parties and ideologies," he said. A possible legislative choice is to reintroduce Burma's prohibition of the precious stone industry, which was repealed last year by President Barack Obama.

Trump could reimburse those penalties. We want to ensure that we do not give the Myanmar Armed Forces either medical support or medical help and that we do not participate in any kind of economic exchange, we do not support their products," Amineh Safi, CAIR's co-ordinator of governance, said to VOA.

Said Safi that the US policy climate could focus US focus on the economic downturn at a timeframe when Congress is focusing on internal policy topics such as health care and fiscal reforms. However, one of the premier votes for in the U.S. Congress said the Trump government is on the right path.

The Senator Durbin admitted that this appeal will have overall repercussions for the image of the United States abroad.

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