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Burma Breakfast

I ate this in Yangon for breakfast. There is nothing better to start the day than a hearty breakfast. Yangon (Rangoon) picture:

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We' re having a lot of breakfast in our traditions. Monhinga, a noodlesoup, is the most well known. Friends sake with some crunchy vegetables roasted glutinous sake and nangyi / nanpyar tote. Shan State Foods are also known in breakfast, among other parts of Myanmar. Feel Myanmar Restaurant, Pyidaungsu Yeikthar Road is the best way to taste many meals.

Royal family breakfast pasta

There is nothing better to do than a savoury breakfast if you want to get the whole thing off to a good start. Good breakfast. If you want breakfast to be wholesome and delicious, you don't need to go any further than Princess Irrawaddy. Opened in 2011, the two-room Yangon street café on the corners of Anawrahta and Fourth Yankin Street still looks as simple and savoury as what it serves: pasta.

It is the place for sernet ( "noodles with roasted garlic"), meeshay (mandalay noodles), tabu nowe ( "noodles with baked quark") and shot typical herbs. Although the pasta is not homemade, it is made according to the Princess Irrawaddy's prescription, which categorically rules out the use of chemicals, said Ko Ye Thura, the restaurant's proprietor.

"We only order two nights in advance because our pasta contains no preservatives," he said. He used to make a breakfast for her wife and her two girls appreciated the value of a good diet. They' re using their faith in their restaurants. "In Mandalay and northern Burma, most of the population has pasta for breakfast," said Ko Ye Thura.

The conversion of a former traditional food place into a breakfast place reduced his earnings, but the amount of free rein he could devote to his wife and daughter grew. "We made more moneys at the old place, but it makes us happier," he said. Princess Irrawaddy offers various breakfast pasta.

Despite her great appeal among early risers and natural foods enthusiasts, Princess Irrawaddy faces a challenge. The texture of the resources can be difficult," says Ko Ye Thura, and adds that the members of the familiy comb the landscape for the best possible produce. There' s no cook in the place. When not at the table, all members of the whole household are present when they cook.

The Princess Irrawaddy is open from 6-11 am.

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