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Burma boy photo

Get the perfect Myanmar Boy stock photos and editorial news images from Getty Images. You will find the perfect Myanmar boys stick photo. Receive Myanmar Boy images and royalty-free images from iStock. Lost boys found alive in the cave of Thailand. An initiation rite for little boys in the Buddhist religion.

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Beauty of Belief in the Myanmar Buddha School. Asian, living a buddhistic friar in Burma. 3 Myanmar refugee offspring in Kayah State, Myanmar. Burma, Myanmar, two young guys play with tricycles, fuzzy. lnle Lake, Myanmar. Myanmar, Burma, Inle Lake, two youngsters, Shan State, expellees providing asylum to the Nargis cyclone victims in a Tibetan convent near Yangon.

Myanmar, Burma. Myanmar, Burma, Shan State. Kittens and cats in a small lake town in Myanmar. Burma. Up-and-coming Buddhist novices, many of them from faraway states, in the city's residential home. Boy's on the Beach, Ngapali Myanmar 2017 at dawn. Myanmar, Burma. A couple of kids in a Burmese town near Bagan.

There are three little cubs standing with their dragon on the bank of the Irrawaddy riverbank, Myanmar (Burma). A group of young Buddhist friars on charity in Shwe Kyet Yet Dorf, Mandalay region, Myanmar. Burma. The young noviciate friars in the schoolyard are playing soccer.

Guys are playing in a town. Myanmar, Burma. Bagan. Young  noviciate friars with umbrellas. Juvenile friars line up to get meals from the fellowship around the Mahagandayon Convent in Amarapura, Myanmar. MYANMAR, OLD BAGAN- OCT 15: Two unknown young noviciate friars will leave on October 15, 2011 in Old Bagan, Myanmar.

A group of young Buddhist friars who receive charity in the Mandalay region of Myanmar, Shwe Kyet Yet town. It' the custom in Myanmar, where Myanmar girls, sometimes even youngsters. Burma. The young noviciate friars in the schoolyard are playing soccer. Guys playing in a suspension deck.

Myanmar. Myanmar, Burma. Bagan. Prayer of young novices in front of a temple. Myanmar, Burma, Rakhine State, Sittwe. The young novices are washing their paraphernalia at a fountain in Pathain Monastery. Myanmar, Burma, Mandalay, Buddhist friars initiatory ceremonies, boy, The peoples and landscape view of the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Asia, Myanmar, Mingun.

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