Myanmar Border Crossing

Border crossing Myanmar

I' d be glad about all information about the border crossings in Myanmar. Opening of a border crossing between India and Myanmar: Blessing for Northeast India This step is an incentive for India's eastern politics and relations with ASEAN. Recent openings of two border crossing points between India and Myanmar in Tamu/Moreh in Manipur State and Rihkhawdar-Zowkhawtar in Mizoram will help bring India and Myanmar together. What makes this decisive for India's "Act-East Policy"?

Firstly, Myanmar has an almost 1,600 km long border with four north-eastern states: Myanmar, which is the largest country in the world: Most of the inhabitants of these counties of India have brothers across the border in Myanmar (as in the case of the Nagas of Nagaland). Secondly, Myanmar is critical to New Delhi's liaison efforts in the area, particularly with a view to not participating in Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative.

India, Myanmar and Thailand are working on the tri-lateral India-Myanmar-Thailand motorway, which is scheduled for construction at the end of next year. Thirdly, this will boost India's engagement in Myanmar, particularly in the area of infrastructures, where Beijing appears to have taken a walk over New Delhi.

Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project, financed by India, which will allow land-locked states in north-eastern India to enter the seas via the Kaladan in Myanmar, has been delayed. Meanwhile, after taking power in India in 2014, the Narendra Modi administration changed the "Look-East Policy" to "Act-East Policy".

" Together with the state governments, the federal administration has also received a major boost for infrastructural developments in the north-eastern area. Last May Modi opened the Bhupen Hazarika Setu in Assam, which links the top of Assam with the east of the border state of Arunachal Pradesh.

With 9.15 km this is India's longest one. Fourthly, the opening of these border crossing points will contribute to the development of tourist activity in North-East India and Myanmar. North-eastern states are remarkably nice and many peoples in Myanmar and other ASEAN states could be visiting the north-eastern states.

Fifth, this will contribute to the development of health care travel in the north-eastern states of the state, which provide good value for money health care that could interest the border communities of Myanmar. Lastly, the opening of these rural lanes also reflected the fast increase in relations between India and ASEAN, as demonstrated by the attendance of the leaders of all ASEAN countries at the celebration of ASEAN India Day in January this year in commemoration of the ASEAN-India Summit.

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