Myanmar Border Countries

Burma Border countries

Burma Thailand border crossings. What country shares the longest border with Myanmar? Decades of internal conflict in Myanmar have negatively affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Myanmar's border areas. Some parts of the country have higher and lower values. In Myanmar, we are the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care.

Burma border crossings with Thailand, China and India

View more of this great land, walk into or out of it across Myanmar's border. There are currently 4 border crossing points to select from, all of which allow third countries citizens to either entry or leave, you can go in one and go out on another, as long as you have your Myanmar visas, none of the cross border visas have on arriving establishments nor so make sure you have your visas in advance.

Kawthaung - Ranong Border CrossingThe most enjoyable of all trips to Myanmar. A long tail row from Ranong pier to Kawthaung is available for between 50 and 100 Bhat. From Kawthaung, go 100 metres along the promenade to the Foreigners' Registration Centre to get your postmark.

There' s a KBZ banking centre in Kawthaung which has an ATM and currency exchanges, although most places in the city also gladly do so. You can then take a speedboat from Kawthaung to Myeik or Dawei. When you leave Myanmar via Kawthaung, note that Thai migration ends at 6pm and you are jumping 30 min forward when you arrive in Thailand.

Ban Phu Nam Ron Border CrossingThe most immediate way from Bangkok to Myanmar and also the best way to the border. Coming from Bangkok, you first depart for Kanchanaburi, minivans depart every 20 minutres from the Victory Monument or you can take the coach or rail, all available in 120 bhat or less.

You' ll have to take a cab that will take you 6 km to check-in in Myanmar, where they'll be a little surprised to see you and want to talk to you while they do you. Most of the Myanmar side street is a 4-lane dirt track that follows the Tanintharyi River through pristine jungles.

There are several mini-vans and buses from Bangkok and Chang Mai to Mae Sot every morning. It is recommended to stay the whole year in Mae Sot, as the journey across the border to Hpa- takes 8-9 h. The journey time is 8 h. One of the difficulties is that the street is only one way, which means that in a single working days the transport goes from eastern to western and then from western to eastern.

It is highly recommended to take either a smaller mini van or a personal car, the roads are sometimes small, making some of the hairpins hard for bigger vehicles like buses. Unfortunately, the notion of an overseas border was somewhat overlooked. You are not allowed to continue your journey by ground while you are allowed to arrive in Myanmar from Mae Sai. Instead, you will have to take an extra costly domestic plane to Inle Lake, which is totally contrary to the aim of entry by inland.

Ruli Muse BorderCrossing is restricted activities, which means that you must first obtain approval from the Ministry of Tourism of Myanmar. The majority of Myanmar's agencies can help you apply for a visa to enter China. The Myanmar India Border CrossingsHow the trip to China is possible, but neither inexpensive nor simple.

However, at the border with India the roads are bad and safety is not always at its highest, we recommend you to fly. Border crossing from Laos or Bangladesh is currently not authorised and is unlikely to be authorised in the near future.

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