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Many of the world's most sought-after classics are available in this free online library. Suggested for Diana by: the Austin Public Library. MyanmarGeorge OrwellBurmaBookBookBurmeseLeselistenCurlingAnonymeRomaneBibliotheken. ""We've got four or five baskets and made a bookcase out of them. It will help you discover Myanmar's most beautiful experiences.

Myanmar: Cooking, Culture, Customs - Mohana Gill

The Mohana Gill was in Myanmar and grew up. Ms. Burmese is a native Burmese speaker, reader and writer with a Master's from Rangoon University and an MBA from the University of Toronto. For many years she worked at the University of Rangoon until she went to Malaysia in 1965 and became a teacher at the University of Malaya.

10 Sources in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma's Flow of Steps: A Burmese Personality Tale of Thant Myint-U - A tale of contemporary Burma, partly by narrating the tale of his own folk, in an intertwined tale that is alternately lyric, tragic and horrific. John Sweeney's Elefantmoon - A little-known World War II tale, when a flock of 53 elefants was used by a young British teacher to save a group of orphaned children in Burma and bring them to the security of India.

She was kicked out by Will, her US boyfriend, and left her with sad reminders, a US Dollars checking in and a return to Burma. Guy Delisle's Burma-Chronics - presents a highly individual and humourous look into a hottest politic spot, which makes what's happening in Burma famous.

Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar: By Melissa Crouch: Hart Publishing House

In this anthology we look at the dynamic of the Myanmar/Burma judiciary system in the light of the tragic but imperfect democratic transformation that began in 2011. The report contains articles by senior academics in this area on a number of important jurisdictional questions currently faced by Myanmar, such as the impartiality of the judiciary, the constitution, respect for fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, as well as fundamental freedoms and the need for institution-building.

The book contains sections on Myanmar's judicial background, election and judicial system as well as the state of the art in corporate governance. There are also sections based on the experience of other nations to contextualize Myanmar's democratic transformation in a comparable framework, which included Myanmar's involvement in local fora such as ASEAN.

Coming at a crucial moment in Myanmar's judicial evolution, this current publication will be an inestimable source for scholars and educators looking for a better knowledge of the Myanmar judicial system. This will also be important read for a large number of governments, economic and civic organizations wishing to reunite with Myanmar as it is undergoing a challenging democratic and constitutional process.

Myanmar's regional context of democratic transition:

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