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The Myanmar Book

Each, in its own way, is "a groundbreaking book.... an important contribution" (The New York Times).

Burma Book Centre (Myanmar Book Centre). The largest lying Buddha in the world - the largest cabochon-cut sapphire - the heaviest book in the world - the largest tiger sanctuary in the world. Maybe we could search for book information about, OpenLibrary, ISBNDB, etc. for English books. To renew books you have borrowed from the library, please complete this form.

Wound Tin - Myanmar Book

The Myanmar Book Store - Browse on the go! Get one of the best Myanmar Book Reader now! Myanmar offers a wide range of reading materials including Myanmar literature, magazines and newspapers, cartoons and audiobooks. You will find many audiobooks audiobook-widgets in this App, which make your radio drama very simple. In WunZinn you will find over 3000 Myanmar works.

Audiobook: Start Page widget. There are only 10 audiobooks in my library. Comes with a quote and brief history. The Myanmar Book: Ideal for browsing and browsing Myanmarooks. Appettizer, free book, many categories, memorizes the last page location, supports diurnal and diurnal browsing, arranges the author's name with the Myanmar script, looks like a Myanmar book in your hands.

Carteos: cartoons: Lots of well-known Myanmar comics such as ?????????????? ??????????? ??????? ???????-?????????? and many more!

Burma Book Aid & Preservation Foundation Myanmar Local Charity

Provides literally a hundred publicly accessible galleries with online resources. Syllabus for library staff, officials and researchers. Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) was established in 2002 by a group of dedicated library, economic and community guides to promote education and training among the population of Myanmar, especially in the poor.

The MBAPF works with non-government organisations, both locally and internationally, to support the education and donation of Myanmar's printing and digitisation materials, as well as the conservation of Myanmar's historic and modern printing world. MBAPF currently supports libaries with reference works, ICT infrastructures and trainings for libararians with new libary service.

Yangon Myanmar Book Centre, Yangon

Nandawun (jewellery and crafts from Burma): two shops with pedagogical title and the most comprehensive collection of material (books, magazines and official publications) about Burma (Myanmar) in English and Myanmar (Burmese); stock of both new and used title, incl. older literature; open since 1995; also a publishing house; on-line catalogue; accept orders on-line with payments by bank cards, bank transfers and PayPal; 2.

561-567, room (3), ground floor, MAC Tower (1), Merchant Street, Yangon, Myanmar; store also in Mandalay.

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