Myanmar Body show

Burma Body Show

The people in Myanmar (Burma) have different views of the upper and lower parts of the body. If it is removed from the body, it has no value," said Yuzana Nyani. Shall we rename the body parts of women? Immunity from punishment promotes the killing of people with albinism for their body parts. Myanmar's head is considered the highest, holiest part of the human body.

Aim of Pageant is to improve the body picture

Those are the mother-of-pearl norms judged by society's beautiful. 2016 Miss 200lbs Schönheit Queen Contests wants you to discard them all. Disregard the traditional notions of appeal - this competition is about love for the whole body. The 200lbs Beauties Myanmar Group will hold the first competition and the first amusement show in the City FM area in front of the Nya Yeik Hotel on September 3rd after the celebration of its first year.

There are nineteen oversized queens competing for three titles, among them the Miss Plus-Size Schönheitsköniginnen ( "Beauty Queen Miss ") winner, the Most Photoogenic and People' s Choice Prizes. Participants will go through three contest laps in costumes, leisurewear, athletic apparel and "smart wear", whereby the clothes will be donated by Ghay Geasjun Lokvit, Asia's first hair designer and promotional figure.

Although the Miss 200lbs Beauty Queen Tournament 2016 is indeed a competition, the organizers are trying to establish an integrative environment for girls from all social classes, as they already know very well the problems of being oversized in an aspiring state like Myanmar. In 2016 Khin Su Su San and four other ladies formed the 200lbs Beauties Myanmar Group's Facebook group.

Besides the competition, which takes place on September 3rd from 5:30 to 9:30 pm, visitors can also attend the carnival for cosmetic items and more in the afternoons from 1 pm to 5 pm. Admission to the funfair costs K1000. The places for the competition itself are K8000 or K12,000 for K8000 or K12,000 places.

In order to cast your votes for the People's Choice Award, please go to the Facebook page of the Miss Plus Size Beauty Contest Myanmar 2016.

The Myanmar Times is oversized.

Comments on the body of humans while saying hello are customary in Myanmar. "It' just a salute, but these are tough words for those who are receiving it," says Khin Su Su Su Su San, the board admin of a Facebook group named Myanmar Plus Size Beauties. The young Sandy Min Aung remembers being mocked every day by men from Myanmar: "Hey fatty", "Yo, giant", "a barrel ist rolling our way".

The Thingyan New Years Eve Aquatic Fest is usually a joyful time for Myanmar's young people. No, not for Sandy. To be splattered with splash means to take the chance to expose parts of her body, which give others the feeling of hiding better. Aung is a member of Plus size beautifulties Facebook Group. On the first occasion of the group's 50th birthday, the organizers have launched the "Miss 200 pound's Beauty Queen 2016 Contest".

In 2016, 19 participants took the step forward. It was held last weekend in Yangon and gave Myanmar a second Plus Siz eeen. There is a great deal of guts to be on the scene in a land where body shamin' is so widespread, says Khin Su Su San, who has also become the festival's official festival counsel.

Although body shaping will not vanish after two plus sized competitions, such competitions can increase participants' self-confidence and help them to like their bodies as Sandy did. At the weekend considered the on-line commentaries around the 2017 competition and concluded that folks assume more of the bare notion of a plus-sized Miss Pageant than last year, even though some felt it would be about choosing the fatest person out there.

Now Sandy is coaching for the Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2017 competition next months in Singapore. But how does a Plus Size Miss work out? Whilst others make a move to get a lean body, Miss Plus Size focuses on a small body and good endurance. However, I was asked to go out less, have a lot of running and drinking plenty of fresh air and eating fruits in the evening," says Sandy.

Yogatraining is also very recommendable for relaxing. Since September Sandy trains every single working out, except Saturdays. The majority of participants are wearing padded paragraphs to stay firm when they walk. "Because of my body mass I have to spend a long period of my life selecting heels," says Ma Phyu Hninn Phway, who took her 189 pound of unadulterated elegance to second place in the 2016 plus sizes competition.

She' s striving for the job, but she also wants to be the winner of the favourite poll. "I really sincerely trust that the Myanmar community will support me, just as they did with the other Myanmar Miss representatives," she said. An increasing number of vaudeville competitions are emerging, defining the meaning of elegance in a new way.

But, for some apparent reasons, it always seems to be associated with torturing. Ever since she began training, Sandy said she had to put all kinds of balm and medication on her sores.

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