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Myanmar Maneuver - Ruth A. Manneri

New York gemmologist Charlie Ling goes on a corporate journey to the Mogok Valley in quest of valuable gems to purchase scarce Ruby. There he not only lives the "Land of Rubies", but also finds an extraordinary tortoise statue that will transform his own lives and those of his mates.

The tortoise and its darling take Charlie Ling on a trip of a life time. While weaving her adventures, the writer unites personalities from five different ethnical background. Their character's life is interwoven with the tortoise and its dilator.

Surprisingly, the tortoise has a hidden caché, a rarity that will influence each one of them and transform their life. See in your mind's eye what it does and how it affects characters' life.

Muslims of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar in the midst of fatal assaults | Myanmar News

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims flocked to neighboring Bangladesh this weekend, some fearing that they were drowning after a ship sunk in a stream to escape the accelerating force that murdered at least 86 persons and evicted about 30,000. Several Rohingya migrants have been reported unaccounted for since Tuesday after a group crosses the Naaf between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The refugees who made it to Bangladesh took refuge in shelters or in people's houses. "A group of villagers were crossing the riverbank by ship to get here, but the ship fell suddenly," said Humayun Kabir, the dad of three kids who had not been found since the accident. Though many of them were able to swimm on the ship and could access the riverbank, seven are still lacking, he added, including his kids.

Dynamar's force is the most severe in a hundred deaths in municipal conflict in the state of Rakhine in 2012 and the greatest test so far for the eight-month-old government of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. As a reaction to the co-ordinated attack on three checkpoints on 9 October, in which nine policemen were lost, troops flocked to the area along the Bangladesh boarder.

Myanmar's army and goverment have denied claims by locals and right-wing groups that during the Rakhine Rohingya Army operations troops were raping Rohingya woman, burning down homes and killing civilians. 2. On Wednesday, Malaysia said it was considering withdrawing from a joint Myanmar soccer competition to demonstrate against the continued repression of the Rohingya Muslims, at the risk of a possible worldwide embargo by the sports federation FIFA.

"Somehow I was able to get across the line to try to save my own Iife. "Up to 30,000 have now been forced out of their homes and it has been estimated by the United Nations that the recent struggles have affected many more. United Nations organizations have not given certain numbers of Rohingyas escaping, but helpers told Reuters press office that hundreds were crossing the frontier into Bangladesh over the week-end and on Monday.

Militarily sealed off, a relief operation to supply more than 150,000 persons with more than 40 consecutive visits to the area mainly inhabited by Rohingya was abandoned. In Myanmar, mainly Buddhist, many see the 1.1 million Rohingya as Bangladeshi migrants. A Shawkat Ara, a woman in a Teknaf campsite who came by Myanmar river on Tuesday, said she was hoping to come back one time and find family.

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