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Here the website of the Bundeskartellamt offers a fair summary. She is the blog editor in the British office. SWEDAGON Pagoda is a well-preserved monument and sacred religious pilgrimage site for many Buddhist followers in Myanmar. Enjoy a trip to Myanmar. We assume that you are satisfied with your continued use of this site.

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From 23 December 2016, Myanmar officials suspend Putao until further notice. However, the Myanmar government has decided to suspend Allowances. Travels to this isolated area require the necessary clearance, and due to increased tension and conflicts in the lower Kachin state, Putao has been removed from the allowed itineraries. The information on this page will be updated if the information changes and requests can be reaccepted.

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Sukhoi Su-30 fighters will be sold by Russia to Myanmar, the RIA told the RIA on Monday, referring to the Russian..... Myanmar's army is showing increasing interest in Russian UAVs, including the Uranium 9 UAV. Myanmar's commander-in-chief..... Over 100 men were murdered after a medium-size Shaanxi Y-8 medium-range carrier of Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation....

Myanmar Army acquires the short-range SY-400 China-made SY-400s. PRINCASSIAN OFFICAL princassian offical call SY-400 rocket system as a led.... Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces conducted a fire exercise in southern China near the Chinese frontier on Tuesday..... Myanmar Republic celebrates Naypyitaw's Day 72 of the Armed Forces with a new promise to the.....

US Navy expedition vessel USNS Fall River in Yangon, Myanmar (T-EPF-4).....

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