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Here the website of the Bundeskartellamt offers a fair summary. She is the blog editor in the British office. SWEDAGON Pagoda is a well-preserved monument and sacred religious pilgrimage site for many Buddhist followers in Myanmar. Enjoy a trip to Myanmar. We assume that you are satisfied with your continued use of this site.

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We' ve put together a top 50 Myanmar weblog listing from the Alexa trafficking rank. We' ve been looking at as many Myanmar blogs as possible to make the most precise lists, but we trust you will appreciate that this is not a flaw. Please post a review if you think your Myanmar post should be on the mailing lists.

We' ll try to update the lists as often as possible and would appreciate your suggestions. We are not responsible for the contents of the following websites.


Many of our customers have asked us about the present state of Myanmar with the Rohingya in the state of Rakhine. You want to know if it is safer to tour and/or tour the land given the circumstances there. Politically, we only know what the realities of the state of Rakhine are, what everyone else can see on the newscast.

Obviously, many folks don't move away from their houses unless there is a very pressing need to do so. There' s a humanitarian drama of quite dramatic dimensions and the picture does not seem to be getting any better. When at all, the media who reach the area are reporting that the picture is getting worse.

Together with everyone else, we would ask the Government of Myanmar to do everything in its power to resolve the conflict peacefully. Of course, we cannot argue for Aung Suu Kyi, but the current Council of State has less room for action than some might like. We' re hoping she'll do everything she can with the government.

Myanmar's still the country's supreme command. We can be more specific about the different sides of the issue. In view of this huge geographic obstacle, the overall tourism sector's level of protection has not changed and Myanmar's major touristic destinations are still completely intact.

There are more than a few rebellious ethnical groups on the outskirts of Myanmar, whether or not they are inactive. It is not a menace to visitors who visit the vast area from Yangon to Mandalay, Bagan and Inle down to the Mergui.

Here the website of the Bundeskartellamt offers a fairly compiled overview. As for the ethical of your visits to a state where you are basically at variance with the authorities, we believe that everyone should form their own opinion. As we know, the Myanmar population is desperately looking for tourism and feeling confused by the outside underworld.

Obviously, our indigenous counterparts, leaders and vendors are as far removed from the policy mix as we are, and they are very interested in getting the word across that they need tourists for a living. cWe do not believe that the rice penalties imposed on Myanmar before 2011 were working, and we believe that opening the door to Myanmar has improved the life of the simple-minded nation.

We have already told you that we had some customers traveling in October and November and all of our customers who had already made a booking have chosen to continue their journey. To discuss the possibilities and appropriateness of Myanmar as a tourist location for you, please call 02079247133.

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