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In Myanmar, my world

Before I wrote my last blog about ( and from) Myanmar, I was hesitant for a long time. Myanmar's roaming dog eats traveling rices for breakfasts, cooked every day by gracious locals, laid on a layer of bankana leaf and abandoned on the roads. There are only a few road hounds in Europe.

Most stray dog is quiet in Myanmar. They are often a threat in the European country where they run free on the road. Some time ago I read an essay in a regional paper about the experiences of a Myanmar lady on a trip to the USA.

Myanmar has been a merry-go-round of emotions for me over the last three years. I' m sure to miss the Myanmar tribe and their smile! At the same one I felt their heat and the culture gap. That' s why I will miss the roads of Yangon city centre, where a large part of the lives of the locals are made up.

Much of my spare human life was devoted to explore the inner city of Yangon and to discover the customs and cultures of the city. I' m going to miss the security I felt on the roads of Yangon at any moment of the morning. Recently I was passing a new store in the city centre that provided a wide range of Chineses produce in an air-conditioned room similar to that selling on the road.

For how long do your peddlers last? You have a hard road to live and the municipality of Yangon is becoming more and more restricted in terms of its road use. I' m going to go through those roads again on my last night in Myanmar tomorra. That' Myanmar.

In this excitement on the bustling roads, however, I saw a shift in people's behavior. In Yangon, that is. I' m going to miss my mates in Myanmar, all of them with their aspirations and doings. Most of the boyfriends said I was coming back. It will be to re-discover Myanmar.

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