Myanmar Bird Nest

Burma Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest Shwe Kyunn Bird's Nest is ready to drink bird's nest from the natural bird's nest of southern Myanmar. Myanmar's eatable bird's nest industy comes home to sleep

BOKPYIN, Myanmar - The screams of love sailors are heard in the darkroom, an unlikely goldmine for merchants in the south of Myanmar who are benefiting from the increasing popularity of the eatable nest of China's expanding mid-range. In recent years tens of small bird houses have been built around Bokpyin, their gray cement structure towers above the humble timber and brickwork houses of the city's people.

Mornings and evenings the skies are full of high-frequency chirping from speakers that lure home tens of thousand of swallow-like birdlife to sleep. Eatable bird's eggs have become one of the most important industry in the city, historically known for the production of the masticable stimulator betelnut, gum and vegetable oils.

Merchants can ask for around $2,000 per diss for the small pockets (equivalent to 1.63 kilograms) - more than the annual earnings of the ordinary people of Myanmar. "Ten years ago we began building artificial bird shelters, " says Aung, who has one of the structures where several hundred swifts build their shelters in the chevrons.

"First there was a home where the poultry came to sleep on their own. Afterwards, the construction of artificial birdhouses began. "Most of the minute little blank cavies, made of hardened bird skewers, are marketed to neighboring China. The value of the world's bird's nest industries is now valued at $5 billion, most of which is manufactured in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar's export has increased since 2011 - the year the former regime passed it over to a quasi-civilian state. "Birds' eggshells are one of the major stores in Bokpyin," said Lin Aung, who five years ago constructed his first home and is now standing on his third. "The biggest customer for bird's nest here is China.

" Crossing the frontier, the nest is turned into one of the most costly food in the whole state. Few scientifically verified evidence shows that a nest has demonstrable medical characteristics. Most of them are aimed specifically at females who believe that the nest can help smoothen the skin and make it look younger.

Buyers can also order the product on-line, which includes Myanmar bird's nest candy. "Bird's nest has been a very popular and popular antique remedy in China since antiquity," Zhang Yi said to the AFP in her NestCha Restuarant. "These luxurious items are far from the modest beginnings of nesting on the isles of the south Myanmar island group.

First, they were picked on the many islets of the county by daredevil rock cliffs that had to climb without security outfits. Over the years, the sector was ruled by the Union of Myanma Economic Holdings Ltd (UMEHL), a huge agglomerate ruled by the militarist elite that ruled Myanmar for half a centur y.

The natives in the south of Myeik began to build homes to lure the bird a few years ago, later on, Bokpyin and Kawthaung near by expanded their output. Meanwhile there are more than 130 homes dedicated to swifts in the area, according to the state press. Bokpyin territory rivalry between bird nesting manufacturers and tourist developer has seen property costs rise up to $75,000 a piece of central property -- on a level with parts of the merchant capitol Yangon.

Gathering a nest is usually three to four a year, but merchants can often gather it once a months when they need it. Aung Kyaw Moe, the producer, said that because the population of swifts increases with the habituation of migratory animals, the sector will only expand in the oncoming years.

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