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Cities of Myanmar: Distance to the largest cities of Myanmar. "Avoiding""forgiveness" and "revenge" at a mass attended by tens of thousands of people in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, on Wednesday. Cruise upstream from Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, via Pyay and Bagan to Mandalay. Image of the city of Yangon, Myanmar. It is their largest city, which was once the capital.

Travel to Yangon, Myanmar's largest city

Yangon, with its 5 million people, is the largest city in Myanmar, but not its capitol (which was relocated to Naypyidaw in 2005). It is also the destination for most visitors as it is well served by most large metropolitan areas. Though not the city' s main city, the city has all the features of a city: banking and business, contemporary and decayed high-rises, colorful old houses, transport, a mixture of religion and culture, a multitude of buddhistic couples, hinduistic monasteries, religious monasteries and church, a huge china city, market and eating streets that will baffle you from the very beginning.

This is the period necessary to get to know the districts, each with its own features; you can then see its own history of colonialism, India, Muslim, China, Britain, glowing Stupa and other rides that you will find as you read this item and walk alone through the city in its messy clutter.

So how do you get to Yangon? As I said, Yangon has an important multinational airfield which is well linked to the large airfields of the neighbouring states. While in Myanmar, you may have to take a Mandalay home with AirAsia or for about 12,000 kyats (the country's official currency) you can get the feeling of taking a 15 hour overnight on one of the inconvenient but handy pillows that take you directly from Mandalay to Yangon.

Instead, if you are from Thailand, the nearest and most convenient place at the present time is Myawaddy-Mae Sot, which is about 400 km away (about 10 hour drive by mini van or bus). Yangon has a wide range of accommodation for all budget levels. Overnight at 20 Street in China Town, a budget B&B hotel with friendly and friendly people.

Situated in a district with a beautiful mixture of culture, the youth hostel is full of nightlife and cuisine. You will find various possibilities for a stay in Yangon. Doing in Yangon? There are things in Yangon that you will remember for sure.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is the city' s icon and can be seen from every point in Yangon. It is one of the most wonderful and intriguing places I have seen in Myanmar, although this is a little brave. Though it was the capitol of the Burmese Empire for several hundred years, the origins of Yangon go back several thousand years.

It is a mixture of forms, rituals and colours that will guide you on a tour of its interiors, for which you must plan a 8,000 Kyats budge. It is recommended to come shortly before sundown or at dawn. The city has many fairs, but a great place I would suggest is the Bogyoke Aung San Market, where you only need half a day to go to the good -priced supermarket.

Indeed, in addition to the sale of ready-made items, you will have the honour of seeing Schneider working on a long pieces of equipment to make a long Gori, the characteristic burmesian rock. For those just arriving in Myanmar looking for another adventure, the Round Trip is just the thing for you: an ultra-long runaway railway that runs around Yangon and from the main railway terminal through the outskirts and outskirts of the city for only 200,000 Kyats (tourist price).

You will get an insight into Burma's lifestyle on the trains, a very colourful journey with unclear music. It will take two and a half hour to travel through the city and will stop at many stations where you will be overcome by crowds, salespeople and daily commute. Burma is a large manufacturer of teas available everywhere and you will never have to buy a decanter at your dinner menu.

These''tea houses'' also offer something to dine and have breakfasts, the most important food for the Burmese. One teahouse I would suggest is Thone Pan Hla, near the Sule Pagode, an eight-sided marbled marbled marble tree that dates back to 2000 years ago and is surrounded by a grating of streets that lead all the way to the sea in a curious location on the street.

When you have a moment, I also suggest a look here. The cuisines vary according to where you are, as there are about 70 different ethnical groups in the county that, together with the neighboring lands, have affected the cuisines. Yangon is a mixture of everything.

Especially the breakfasts are, as already mentioned, the most important part of the daily diet. The Thali is a kind of crepe that can be served with a combination of terrine, ricotta, tiffin, velbar, etc. There is Pe Nan Bya, a kind of baked pea baked lunch spiced with groundnut seed from India, Bein Mont, a roasted candy found every evening in the Yangon area.

It is often consumed at breakfasts or can be found on the roads of Yangon at any time. I have many meals I would suggest, but most of all I would like to refer to Burma' s sourdough.

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