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Best Tourist Places in Myanmar

The best attraction in Mandalay, however, is not man-made. It' one of the best temples decorated with beautiful stucco. After years of despotic rule, Myanmar is rapidly becoming one of the best tourist attractions and hotspots in Asia. A hot air balloon is one of the best ways to experience Bagan. Serene Inle Lake and Inle Vast are one of the most important tourist attractions in Myanmar.

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Myanmar has a richness of breathtaking scenery, from powerful places of worship to beautiful miracles of nature. We' ve compiled the most popular ones into a listing of Burma's top 10 major touristic spots. After North Korea, Burma was the second most island nation in the hemisphere. Prior to 2010, other nations were stealing Burma's "spotlight" when it came to it.

However, in recent years this land has opened up and done its best for touristic attractions - e.g. improving infrastructures, opening up the on-line visas to 67 different national econ... To a certain degree, their endeavours have paid off when they have become one of the major players in global touristic role-playing.

Many Burmese rides, some of which are ballooning over Bagan, sundown observation in Bagan, Inle lake boating tour, U leg bridge,'circuit' in Yangon, rural Yangon hike, Shwenandaw cloister, Shwedagon pagoda, Kuthodaw pagoda, Golden Rock. The temple and pagoda are important tourism sites in Burma, and Bagan is the most concentrated temple town in the state.

You couldn't be better to have a 360 degrees look at the temple, the Irrawaddy River and the town of Bagan when the light comes up. On the Bagan journey the spectacular sundowns of some sanctuaries (Shwesandaw, Pyathada, etc.) are not to be missed. This temple looks stunningly nice when the full and full moon gradually descends to the ground.

Boating on an island on Lake Inle is one of Burma's most visited tourist destinations. On this cruise you can look forward to wonderful afloat wooden homes, spectacular afloat garden, renowned walking trails, a revolving markets, a mystical Shwe Indein pagoda and centuries of old long necks coup, long necked ladies, erotic fabric, silksweavers, silversmith's shop and redmountain estate with gorgeous vineyard cottages in reddish colour.

Don't miss the top 10 Burma tourism sites! Besides the Inle-See, the U Bein-Bridge is another scenically charming place and a true paradise for filming. The longest pedestrian walkway in the worid, winding its way across the flat Taungthamanee. It is a good off-peak period to watch the crowds and the village people and friars over it.

It is also a nice sundown. Either hire a sailboat or just run from one end to the other on the deck to catch the breathtaking sundown. Two years later, this house was taken down by his boy, who thought that it was being attacked by his father's ghost.

This unusual place is made entirely of tea tree and there are excellent wooden sculptures everywhere with great attention to detail. All in all, Shwenandaw Monastery is one of the best places in Burma to find out more about Burma's ancient structures, a haven for those who love to carve and a must for those who love it.

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