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Many people are thinking about skipping Yangon, Myanmar's old capital. Burma is the most mysterious country in Southeast Asia and an exotic country with an ancient heritage and unmistakable culture. Walk in the middle of these mysterious stupas, far away from the tourist trail. View our guides to the best places in Myanmar below! Myanmar's best tourist resorts are Yagon, Bagan, Inle Lake etc.

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Simplicity, Buddhism, sacred places and ancient treasures. Burma is one of those places that makes you think about your own lives in a different way. Myanmar, sometimes also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in South East Asia. The Republic of Myanmar is formally encircled by its neighbors China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

Myanmar's shoreline includes almost two thousand kilometers of continuous shores and coves on the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Burma has a surface area of more than 676 km2 and has more than 51 million inhabitants. Naypyidaw is the main town, although Yangon is the biggest and most populated town.

It is a proposed town, built in 2006 with the aim of becoming the capital of the state. Burma is also a member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Burma is a land of great finds of precious stones, minerals, nature, oils and jad. Burma's rich heritage goes back to the ninth centuries, when several kingdoms took over the area and made Buddhism the dominating religious area.

Its greatest treasure is its past, its inhabitants and its charm. Myanmar cooking is a tasty titbit full of crispbread, sea food and other products, including a broad range of vegetables, rices and pasta. Conserved Buddhaist sites and Myanmar's holy places are like a traveler's one.

One of Burma's most popular attractions are the Bagan Temples, the Shwedagon Pagoda or the Htilominlo Pahto.

Discover the top 10 of Myanmar's best travel sites, sights and attractions for your holiday.

Burma is the most enigmatic land in Southeast Asia and an alien land of old legacy and unmistakable sophistication. It' the land that stays a separate land, different from any other place you know. Discover the top 10 of Myanmar's best travel sites, sights and attractions for your holiday.

Formerly Myanmar's capitol and still the biggest town in Myanmar (Burma), Yangon is an exhilarating blend of colorful colonies, trade and spirituality. Eye-catching the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda; feeding your buying habits with a wide selection of Myanmar art and craft; enjoying a hearty welcome from long-lasting natives.

Yangon is in the far southernmost part of the land. Posted and chanted by so many occidental performers, Mandalay is a captivating and cultural town. It is the centre of Oberburma and its centre is the magnificent Royal Palace. Worth seeing are also the many pilgrimages from all over the word.

Bagan, the antique town, is a must for non-professional archaeologists, but it is also a real winners if you are a big fans of glowing sanctuaries and seriously gorgeous sundowns, especially at the same one. With the highest concentrations of sanctuaries in the whole land, Bagan's pointed zigzag lines leave the visitor in awe. Near Bagan in the centre of Myanmar, Mount Popa is an extinct volume that rises over 1,500 metres aboveseas.

With an altitude of 880 metres (2,900 feet), this shallow fresh water pond is the highest in Myanmar in Shan State. Its eco-systems and the local traditions make it a favourite with visitors. September/October is the best season to travel when the Hpaung Daw U and Thadingyug Festival takes place.

It is a small podium enthroned on a giant rock on the rim of a rock in the extreme southernmost part of the state. Townspeople and visitors come here now to relax. Pindaya and Kalaw are in Shan State and are well deserved for their insight into the arts and cultures of Myanmar.

Pindaya's famed lime caverns contain tens of thousand of Buddha sculptures and pictures; a Kalaw tour to the nearby villages provides an in-depth view of the mountain peoples of Myanmar. Myanmar's most popular is Ngapali on the Bay of Bengal, just 45 minutes from Yangon by plane. The Ngwe Saung Bay (Silver Beach) - also on the Bay of Bengal - is the longest in Southeast Asia, 15 kilometres (9 miles) of sheer happiness.

More and more people are opting for this place to enjoy their holidays on the beaches of Myanmar.

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