Myanmar best Tourist Spots

Best Tourist Places in Myanmar

Burma is a Southeast Asian country hiding cultural beauties of exceptional quality. I suppose what the best things for tourists in Myanmar are. There are many faces in Myanmar and there is something for everyone. These are our ten best destinations in Myanmar. We' ve got reviews of the best places in Yangon (Rangoon).

Myanmar's 10 most beautifull sights

For a long time before the era of colonial Britain and the'exotic East', scripts by eminent figures such as Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham and George Orwell, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) had been a place of secrecy and enticement. Against this background we were delighted to receive from Bennett Stevens of Luminous Journeys from Myanmar.

Strangely anglicised in'Rangoon' under UK domination, Yangon is one of the world's largest untouched towns, and certainly the most friendly! The" Garden City of the East" is known as the home of the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda. Though Yangon is much more than Shwedagon.

There' are a variety of choice boutique boutiques, an up-and-coming art world, uncommon antique stores, intriguing stores and even the nightlife is full of new energies, Yangon is truly an urbane adventure like nowhere else. Do not believe what you have seen on certain travelogue pages. Sure, the town is a bustling trade centre, but it has much more to offer than the ordinary visitor thinks.

Mandalay Array, as Luminous Journeys called it, is full of culture and photography. Highpoints are Myanmar's second most sacred sanctuary, the Maha Muni gold-plated Buddha, the scenic U Bein Bridge (the world's biggest building made of teak), the solid, never-ending temples of Mingun, the 600 convents and convent of nuns of the Holy Mountains of Sagaing and much more.

Myanmar's most beloved and scenic spot, Inle Sea, is best known for its singular fishers, who rowing their dugouts around a rudder with a canoe. Inle still retains its tangible but undescribable charm with its magnificent Wasserbungalow Hotel and inviting locals, despite the boom in tourist activity and the evolving waters of the expansive "floating gardens" (the sea provides 70% of Myanmar's tomatoes).

The Golden Rock is Myanmar's third most sacred sanctuary, behind the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Maha Muni Buddha. This gold-plated miracle, which rests on the edge of a hill in a precarious state, is as mysterious as Myanmar itself. The Mrauk U was the domicile of the Arakan Empire, which dominated wide stretches of coastline in the west of Myanmar and as far as India and the Ganges.

On its zenith, the eastern part of the town was as rich, varied and powerful as Amsterdam's western part. Thailand has overtook its territory, but this is far from being the case in Myanmar. It' still possible to see very rare, if any, foreign visitors to Myanmar, and some strains are quite special in Myanmar.

Approximately 7 hrs by car south-east of Yangon, the city is set in karst hills and is ideal for brief, delightful hikes. There are oceans of lush paddy fields outside the city, encircled by karst rocks. The Zwegabin is the most striking "rock" and can be ascended in a few exhausting moments, but the view is a breathtaking rewar.

Myanmar Himalaya is practically new ground, at least for international tourists. The Ngapali is more than Myanmar's most popular sandy area. The majority of Myanmar's seafood cooks are here to gain the affection of their flavour buds. Ngapali is nine leagues longer, has more natives than non-nationals and is close to Yangon.

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