Myanmar best Time to Visit

Best time to travel in Myanmar

Find out more about the best time to visit Myanmar. Ideas for travel include packages, tours, flights and more. Ask for a free brochure to plan your trip. You will be given an overview of when to visit the various regions of Myanmar by our destination experts. Myanmar's best time to visit with useful information is to find out when is the best time of year to travel to Yangon, Myanmar.

The Myanmar Festival: If you should reserve a vacation

Throughout the year MYANMAR has a series of different events, both culturally and religiously. However, many of them are killed in October, which in itself is almost a month-long celebration. And, if you want to come during the Octoberfest, plan your journey soon to get the best prize.

Myanmar visitor numbers have grown by more than 50 percent between 2014 and 2015, with Australia's fifth-largest group of tourists, according to Myanmar's Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Myanmarans know how to organize a party, and many of these activities will include light highlights, colors, sound and dance.

The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Feast from 2 to 19 October is one of the most well-loved. "This is the largest and most celebrated event around this area," says Farnum. "The pictures of Buddha from the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda are placed on a decked out regal cargo boat and dragged around the sea to stop in places where humans worship, and there is also much dance and more.

Thadingyut, or Light Fair, will take place from October 14th to 16th and mark the end of Buddhist fast. The Dancing Elephant Fest will also take place in Kyaukse, 40 km from Mandalay. Burma has three peak periods - peak from March to May, rainy from June to September and cold from October to February.

That is why most festivities take place in October, when temperatures are temperate and there is little or no precipitation. In Trafalgar, he says they are avoiding the rainy time. It is high seasons from October to February, but there will be more people. The best time to fly to Myanmar is April, as many airlines are announcing new fares before the main tourist seasons of October and November.

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