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Burma best travel time

It' best time to go to Myanmar. Myanmar's high season is from October to the end of March. Myanmar's best time to travel Myanmar's high seasons are from October to the end of March. As you get nearer to April, the temperature and air moisture increases. The best time to travel by far is from mid-November to the end of December.

Both during the days and at nights the climate is gloriously chill.

It is a lively verdant land after the long rainy monsoons quenches the appetite of the luxuriant rainforest and the number of people visiting the land is minimal as they await Christmas and the New Year.

What is the July/August season? - Yahweh Message Board

What is the July/August sun? It' the monsoon or wet seasons in Burma from around the end of June to around mid-October. So, July - August is falling into the center. In July/August the rainfall is really intense, as if it were falling, it is deluge-like; just like being in front of a cascade.

Jul-August is one of the best times to travel to Bagan, the antique Burmese capitol with its hundred shrines and caves.

Myanmar Travel Tips - Best Time to Visits Myanmar

Myanmar's native language is Kyoto (pronounced "chat"). The Myanmar uses 220V and a mix of 2-pin low-profile, round 2-pin or 3-pin connectors. Burma's staple foods are travel, pasta and curry. Traditional cuisines from China, India and Europe are available in most touristic places. Myanmar has essential health care institutions.

Myanmar's official tongue is Myanmar, of which over 80 different languages are used. It uses an astonishing looking font inspired by old lndian type. Though Myanmar has many different ethnical groups, it can be broadly categorized into four groups: First, the group is made up of the Myanmar tribe and more than 30 smaller groups, while the other three groups are less varied.

Most of them are peasants who either reside in the southeast near the Thai frontier or in western Myanmar near the boundary with India. Today about 1.3 million mon in Myanmar lives. Kachin are in the most remote north state. Theravadan Buddhism is the predominant religious practice in Myanmar and is practised by over 85% of the people.

It is the center of Myanmar's rural tradition and the community relies on monetary and meal-supply. All Myanmar boys are supposed to stay as friars for some time. Most of the rest of the people are Christians, Muslims and activists. Myanmar has many great souvenir items and reminders of your journey.

The best way to move around Myanmar is by plane. Anyone who wishes to travel to Myanmar must have a valid 6 month minimum visas and passports. You must apply for a visas before traveling to Myanmar.

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