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Best songs of Myanmar

We' ll rate for you the most viewed pieces of music from Myanmar. The family of our staff is delighted to welcome you to our home and the first and best hostel in Inle Lake, Myanmar! Burmese pop music continues to fight to find its own voice, dominated by cover songs imported from abroad. Themes Myanmar Best Love Songs. After all, these'stereo' songs became very popular with young Burmese.

Southeast Asian songs - Myanmar by S. O.A.S. Broadcast

The Thant Sin and Almira journey through Southeast Asia to present you with a singular compilation of pop songs, each of which focuses on a single land, from the classic to the contemporaries. The first installment begins in Myanmar. We' ve meticulously selected a broad palette of songs - from the more conservative side of the musical palette (Myanmar harp, countryside folk songs, festivals and ethnical songs) to the more up to date side (popular Myanmar band and West instrumental songs and Myanmar rock).

lnle Lake Youth hostel, Song of Travel

Inle Lake Youth hostel, the Song of Travel, was (is!) such a jewel. With its ingenious equipment, wacky designs, refreshing meals and first-class personnel, Song of Travel has it all. Notice: All comments in this article are my own, and I have not received any rebates or free passes in return for my reviews; in fact, I only let the Song of Travel crews know that I was a bloogger two nights before I was due to leave after a 10-day stop.

As soon as I entered the Song of Travels, the joy of travelling was felt by the creator of the host. It is one of the few hostels made by travellers who like to go and know what travellers (not just backpackers) want. First thing you see when you get close to the Song of Travels is the unique look of its exterior:

This song of the journey only has dormitories. Thus, the visitors are backpack tourists - from the almost 20 to experienced travellers and small groups. There are many walks from Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe, so there are a lot of slippery boots on the doorstep (the inn provides a shoeshine shine if you don't want to take charge of the dirty work yourself).

We also have some visitors from other parts of Myanmar. On the whole, it is the right, relaxing mixture that makes it enjoyable to interoperate in common activites and to get to know other people. It' s quite and with the free bicycles it's only 10 min. to the city centre with the square and sunflower restaurant, which is very popular with the people.

Accomodation in The Song of Travel is only available in student residences. Sleeping accommodates 3 panels with screen at the end, providing good visibility and noise shield. To be honest, most of the time I didn't even notice how many folks lived in my dormitory or inn because everything was so wellorganised.

Remark: In contrary to many other places in Southeast Asia the Song of Travel is very strictly regarding the 14:00 check-in-times. For a few bucks, however, you can get a place to stay in your Early arrival hall to get some rest before your real dormitory becomes available. This means that the already present will not be bothered and the personnel will seriously wash each and every berth between sojourns.

Even if you don't want to buy a room, there are many cosy places around the dormitories. Downstairs there are various seats - tables, bars, couches and a book, maps with information about travelling around Lake Inle and Myanmar, activities and a notebook to rent at the front desk.

There is a small pub for host customers and buddies at nights, and there are some sporting facilities if you want to do Yogi or Calisthenic. The most important thing (and 2016 critics to the Song of Travel have made me a little worried): the Wifi in this Inle Lake Youth Hostel is very well.

This was probably the best WiFi I had among the nine homes I lived in in Myanmar during my months. Whilst you are always welcome to ask the employees at the front desk (and get competent answers), the Song of Travel has put together a folder full of information so that you can schedule your exploration of Lake Inle and Myanmar at your own pace.

There are many free bicycles for a fast snack or a full excursion around the lakes. Song-of-Travel organises some exclusive trips for its visitors (e.g. boating trips - click here to learn more about my experiences), but also offers bus and other tour-bookings.

Free afternoon coffe and tee (along with Myanmar cookies and cigars) are available all days on the basement level. There is a roof top lounge open to our guest and his/her friend at nights, but not to the general public. There is a large terrace on the roof. During the whole weeks the Youth hostel organises group activity, some for a small charge, most of them free of charge, which includes going for a walk at sundown, going to markets, dinner together and practicing Yoga.

A (!) free of charge Myanmar tradition of snacks is offered every four o'clock in the afternoons. Since they are planned by roof top chefs, you can sometimes observe and study. When I travelled in Southeast Asia, the people who worked in my accommodation were almost always kind and amiable. The owners Fiona, Ana and the other women at the front desk are fluent in English and not only know Inle Lake and its environs, but also the area.

So, there you have it: If you don't like this Inle Lake Youth Hostel after what you've just been reading, you'll need to make a reservation and see the Song of Travel for yourself. Gypsy Inn ($8/dorm bed) is on the canal to Inle Lake and just a few paces from the beach.

It is much bigger than the name implies, but provides sound and reasonably priced rooms and dormitories.

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