Myanmar best places to Visit

The best way to visit Myanmar

The Yangon are great places to stroll and experience local life day and night. This was a popular city during colonial rule in Burma. It is best to dress in layers, because the warmer the day gets, the more you can undress.

Sights in Myanmar Tour

CO 1st day: Arrival in Yangon, Myanmar. A number of arrivals are either in the evenings or at nights, and especially in such cases we strongly advise our passengers to come one full working days early as they can recover from jet lag and are insured against air travel delay and cancellation.

The route requires arriving in Yangon in the afternoons. They will then drive you to your accommodation, where you will be supported at check-in. Over the past half-century, we have seen an unbelievable amount of evolution in Myanmar, but the country still has much of its pristine allure.

Myanmarâ??s largest town, Yangon (Rangoon), is very different from the rest (!) as it has developed in recent years. Later in the afternoons you will see the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda and its solid gold stupa. It is Myanmar's most valuable memorial and you can comfortably devote your time to researching the various monuments.

Several smaller monasteries and other buildings encircle the stupa in its hilly position, which dominates the ancient Yangonskii. Morning, Yangon. Proceed your discovery of the Yangon area with a trip to the ancient centre of Yangon, where you can take an enjoyable walk in the centre of the town.

You' ll get to know the Yangon story and the countless castles you pass. Among the sights during this tour are the magnificent Saint Maryâs Cathedral with its magnificent collections of window glazing, the Sule Pagoda, Yangon City Hall, the Independence Monument of Myanmar and the Ambassadorâ??s Area.

Their stroll ends at the Pansodan Jetty on the riverbank in Yangon. that' s across from Yangon. With three new cruise ships sponsored by the Japan administration for Myanmar, the trip is only a few short steps, but it is a stunning insight into the lives of the village people of the Dala countryside, which is your goal.

Among sitting travellers who market all kinds of goods, from groceries and home appliances to clothes and kids' playthings, there are noisy merchants walking and taking an extensive stroll through this area full of small towns and small market towns. For those who do not think they are up to the challenge, they can give their leader a small amount of Kyat (Myanmar's currency) and travel in the magnificent Trishaw's, which can be found everywhere in Myanmar.

Though just across the Yangon Sea, this is another kind of land, and the local people do not relish the great urban refinement and comparative wealth of Yangonâs inhabitants. Situated on the waterfront of Yangon, this is the place where many inhabitants of Yangon come to intonation. At the end of the day you will be brought back to your accommodation.

RYANGON-Bagan. In the early hours of the afternoon you will be supported in checking out and taken to the airfield to catch your early bird flights to Bagan. Bagan's scenery is vast, with more than 2200 pagodas and shrines dotting the luxuriant scenery of this otherwise rustic area with supplies found in the area.

They will see buddhistic monks when they come to the stands and ask for more for their lunch. You will be taken from the square to the archeological area and the thousand-year-old Shwezigon Pagoda, a great example of prototype Myanmar architectural design. The vast archeological site in Bagan is a different world and there are astonishing photographic possibilities everywhere.

Afterwards you will travel a little way and see the wonderful Ananda Monument, one of the most spectacular and exclusive in Bagan. This morning's last experience is the imposing Dhamayangyi-Tempel, the biggest in Bagan. One of the best example of Bagan era precise masonry is the craft manship of this shrine.

At the end of this time, there is a luncheon stop to be taken at a picturesque Irrawaddy River side café You will be supported in checking into your shop and can refresh yourself after an early departure and a bustling mornings.

By far the best place in Bagan, as it is situated next to many of the astonishing archeological area. - enjoy an outing to the prominent Thabyinnyu-Tempel, the highest of the temples (almost 200 ft, over 60 meters) in Bagan.

Its greatness and uniquely designed façade set it apart from all the other buildings in Bagan, and it can be seen in most of the broad photographs of Baganâ??s scenery. Near the sanctuary you get into your horse-drawn carriage and take a trip through the secluded countryside of Bagan to the legendary Shwesandaw Pagoda.

Soak up the amenities and swimming pools at your spa or take a self-managed moonlight stroll around the nearby memorials. Sitting at Bagan - Mandalay. It is possible to take a flight over Bagan in the early hours of the night - a considerable extra charge is levied and this choice must be made during your on-line booking procedure.

You will be taken to the near palms where you can watch the agricultural life style of the peasants. Her main activity is the production of juices from palms, which are then used to produce a favourite sweetening agent known as jaggery.

There' s a midday rest after which you continue the four-hour (approximately) trip to Manadaly. Arrival in Mandalay and you will be supported at check-in at your hotel. You will be taken this breakfast to Amarapura, Myanmar's eighteenth century city. Now you will be visiting Myanmarâ??s biggest convent, Maha Gandayon Convent, where you will have the chance to witness a spellbinding ceremony.

From about six years to early humanity and Myanmarâ??s biggest convent is the place where they are trained. Myanmar's wealthy homes offer these food and there is a month's wait for the honor of sponsoring this one. It also includes a few cuisines where a portion of the food is cooked in large amounts.

You' ll also make a short stop at a silkworks to see the typical weavings. Artisans sketch and decorate the dresses, which are used by the Burmese on important occasion such as weddings, graduation parties and other important culturally and socially important festivities, and drive back to Mandalay for a midday snack.

At the end of your meal you will be taken on a tour of the Maha Muni Image. It is the holiest pagoda in Upper Burma and a treasury of the Buddha School. Mandalay's amazing details of the woodcarvings are a must for the visitor. tomorrows sightseeing tour of the old polystyrene walkway is another example of this example of the recycled material. 729 stones (in separated structures) from Buddha's writings.

from where you can admire a wonderful view of Mandalay and the powerful Irrawaddy. The enchanting whiteness is different from any other coupé you will see in Myanmar, and the locals call it Myanmar's Taj Mahal. Stroll along the 1.2 km long brigde at sundown.

It is possible to go aboard a sampan, a small wood vessel, to sail along Taung Tha Man Lake and see the viaduct from a close range. MANDALAY - Heho - Inle Lake. In the early hours of the day you will be supported in checking out of your hotels and taken to the airfield to catch the brief plane to Heho.

After arriving at Heho Airport, you will be welcomed by your driver and tour leader and then travel to the beautiful Inle Lake area. After your check-in at Nyaung Shwe, the primary entrance to Inle Lakes, you will be accompanied to the pier where you will take a ferry for your trip to the centre of the lakes.

The trip serves as an introductory tour to live in this area of the sea, as you pass numerous local boat trips to carry your farm products. The Inle Sea is about 22 kilometres long and 10 kilometres broad, with an mean deepness of 6 metres. In their houses, 64 people live on stilt walkways above the sea.

You have to see the astonishing practice that is taking place on the water to believe. Billions of pound of vegetables (with tomato as king) are cultivated here every year and shiped all over Myanmar. Explore intriguing swimming towns in Inle. More than 100 abbeys are on the shores of the pond and you begin your discovery of Lac Inle with a trip to Nga Hpe Kyaung, the Jumping Cat Monastery.

You will find a very special (in this region) abbey made of tea with high bars carrying the top and the Buddha statue made of tea wood, as well as a pictorial place. Once you have explored the convent, you will have a midday stop in one of the shop restuarants with a magnificent view of the beautiful lakeside your skipper will take you to your hotel where you will be supported on your return to check-in.

You will find your shop on the shores of the lakeside and the vegetation in the reserve is wonderful. Refresh and explore the lakes and your own cultural heritage. In the afternoon we will see a plant where Shan pulp is made from the Mulberry tree rind and converted into Shan shades and other nice regional produce.

Stage 8: Inle Lake. When there is a swimming fair planned in your area this mornings, you will have the opportunity to do so. On the way through a large part of the reservoir and many possibilities to take photos of fishers and sea activities, you will step onto a scenic channel on the shore of the reservoir and find your way to this old town.

It is said that these old buildings were erected by one of the monarchs of the Bagan age. You' ll also be able to take a stroll through the wooded area, then a soft ascent up the stairs to the top of the hillside with a splendid panoramic views of the area. There is a midday rest after the India Village.

this is the most convenient Buddhist site in the Inle region. Inle Lake - Pindaya Caves - Kalaw. In the first part of the mornings you are free to relax and take in the beauty of your area. You' ll be supported in checking out at the end of the afternoon and your vessel will take you back to the pier in Nyuang Shwe, where you will leave the ship and take a rest for noon.

Arriving in Pindaya and after a brief ascent take a stroll through the southerly cavern (the other two are inaccessible to visitors), which stretches almost 500 ft into the calcareous back. Starting from the Caverns, take an hours ride up to Kalaw, a scenic resort and adventurous resort in Myanmar.

Arrival in Kalaw and you will be supported at check-in at your historic hotel, which was fully refurbished in 2016/2017. 10th day: Kalaw - Yangon - International flight. On the hike you will be visiting a Pa-O mountain people community whose clothing and skill in weavein' seemingly endless fabrics of wood, straw, bamboo and other material is alluring.

You' ll also see the picture of the Buddha from the fifteenth c., which was created by the application of varnish to thin bamboo slats. Here, young monks and young people are serving the Shan teas and refreshing themselves before they check out. There' s a midday rest after which you can take a picturesque ride to Heho International where you will be supported in your morning flights to Yangon.

Get on your Yangon Intercontinental service. When your round-trip trip is delayed at midnight or early in the day, you can choose the transfer and accommodation during the reservation as well.

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