Myanmar best places to Visit

The best way to visit Myanmar

" Sudyard Kipling could not have described Myanmar (formerly Burma) in more detail. Burma is a vast country internationally renowned for its diversity of charming destinations, historical and cultural treasures and an exciting city to explore. The walks I've taken in Myanmar are among the best I've ever taken. A sacred land of Myanmar like Bagan, it is highly recommended for those who enjoy a spiritual journey. Bestselling author Maria Coffey and photographer/veterinary Dag Goering.

The best destinations in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is something of a mystery. In order to arrange the ideal Myanmar vacation for you, please call one of our Asia experts on 0800 707 6010. With over 2,200 sanctuaries, temples, shrines as well as couples scattered across the green countryside, Bagan is a very special city. Ideally viewed from a hot-air baloon, the infinite towers vanish into the foggy skyline and create a magic world.

Whilst this temple-heavy scenery is the major attraction of Bagan, the Mountain Cabin at Mount Popa near by is a favourite excursion of the whole family, while Irrawaddy River cruising is also becoming increasingly common, providing a new route to Mandalay, the next stop on the Myanmar Cycle. This is exactly what you will find among the forts and palagodas.

From Mandalay Hill, whether you come by car or ferry, the best starting point is Mandalay Hill, which has 1,729 stairs offering a fantastic view of the town. Surrounded by picturesque fishermen's hamlets and far away rolling countryside, shores of water make an invigorating stop in Myanmar's towns. Inle is home to the Intha, who go angling on the sea with an extraordinary one-legged oar technique, and is a good place for canoing.

For the best way to see Lake Inle is by sea, in the swimming pools and small waterfront towns, or perhaps further away from the craft fairs on the lake and buddhistic shrines. Have fun rummaging in our holiday resorts, vacations and experts' recommendations onlin. Depending on where you want to go, we provide you with an experienced advisor who will live this goal and give you first-hand information.

We take the opportunity to get to know you, to exchange our knowledge and to arrange the desired vacation together with you at the right rate. Your specialist will assist you from the first call to your arrival at home with our 24/7 emergency support.

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