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You will find the perfect Myanmar beer stock photo. Get the perfect Myanmar Beer Stock photos and editorial news images from Getty Images. The Burbrit artisanal beers serve an exhilarating brew in Myanmar. A third nation in a row has a characteristic beer that is quite good! The competition in Myanmar's fast-growing beer market is growing.

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Beer from Myanmar. Burma. Rundbahn with a car decorated with an advertisement for beer and the words "optimism". All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay spirulina anti-ageing berry contains a healthy algae. This is a Myanmar beer commercial that says it will'make you young forever'. A beautiful Sunday afternoon meal at Lake Inle Resort in Myanmar.

Beer from Myanmar. Mandalay beer is eaten in a cool beer cooler in a Burmese pub in Bagan, Myanmar. 3 May 2018 - Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar. A portrait of a smile of a cuttlefish man over a beer. KALAW, MYANMAR-MARCH 5.2017: Backgrounds of several beer cups and bottles on 5 March 2017, Kalaw Myanmar.

Burma. Rundbahn with a car decorated with an advertisement for beer and the words "optimism". All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay Spirulina contains a healthy algae. The Myanmar lager beersigns on a wooden stake house in Nampan at the southern end of Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma).

Young man opens a beer while celebrating the New Year at the Thingyan Water Festival in Mandalay, Myanmar. The Mandalay beer is presented in a jar. All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay Spirulina contains a healthy algae. All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay spirulina anti-ageing berry contains a healthy algae.

All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay® Spirulina contains a health-promoting algae. All over Myanmar or Burma, Mandalay Spirulina contains a healthy algae.

Focussing on the trend-setting breweries in the region

Burma-based Myanmar Prewery Limited could see its business grow at a double-digit rate each year over the next five years as a new alliance with Kirin begins. Through a Singapore based affiliate, the Japan-based firm acquired a 55 per cent interest in Myanmar's premier Myanmar beer brewer and acquired the interests from Fraser and Neave for $560 million.

The Myanmar Brewery is the producer of market-leading Myanmar beer and other beer brands such as Andaman Gold and Astrong. The brewery also brewed Tiger and ABC beer for Asia Pacific Brewery, which is in Heineken's possession, but is now in the process of revising its beverage range.

Now that Heineken has opened a competing beer company on the open air and Myanmar Brewery's new associate, Kirin, has an expansive range of its own produce, there is a transformation. We', said U Nay Winn, chairman of Myanmar Browery, at a news briefing today.

Kirin Holdings Singapore CEO Hiroshi Fujikawa said beer drinking generally correlates with the economy's expansion - more beer is consumed as per head of gross domestic product increases. Whereas the company does not yet have an objective for formal expansion, Mr Fujikawa said it could probably achieve double-digit sales for the next five years.

"This is because most have their own alcoholic beverages with a high alcoholic content. We in Japan have Japonese Saki and Sochu, and they switch from traditional alcoholic beverages to low-alcohol, easy-to-drink alcopopres. While Myanmar's annual beer intake may be somewhere above 3 liters per year, he added, there is plenty of room for expansion - in Japan it is more like 40 liters per year.

However, the domestic markets are undergoing change. This year, two large breweries from abroad came onto the French brewery markets, with Carlsberg launches of its Yoma and Tuborg brand and Heineken launches the Seven shelf beer, which brought with it unprecedented domestic competitors. Nay Winn said that with the opening of Carlsberg and Heineken, Myanmar Brewery must be prepared to face the onslaught.

Myanmar Beer will be kept at a high level," he said. On Kirin's website, a launch said that Myanmar Brewery's high quality beverage trademark - DOUBLESTRONG - represents only 0.4% of its entire blend, with approximately 90% being off-the-shelf commodities such as Myanmar Beer and the rest being its economic trademarks.

He also assertioned 1. 7 million hectoliters in sale for 2014, and represented an 86 pc class allotment. That is an increment to an 82 pc stake in 2013 and 79 pc in 2012. The results of Myanmar Brewery in 2014 show net turnover of C 254 billion (201) and a net profit of $ 51 million with around 1000 people.

In Myanmar, the Group has made investments to enter a growth markets as its home country Japan has an ageing, shrinking people. Furthermore, the Group holds an interest in the San Miguel Brauerei in the Philippines and in a Viennese producer of alcoholic beverages in Southeast Asia. When asked if Kirin's international beer is being marketed locally, Mr Fujikawa said that for good beer to be of good beer qualitiy there must be a certain amount and a certain amount of beer on the open air beers.

It will examine whether the marketing potentials and regional technological capability to produce the brand are available. irin also produces other types of beverage such as alcoholic and refreshing in various stores. Initially, the Group' s primary regional emphasis will probably be on the beer sector, although it has an integral approach that could enable it to enter the other divisions in the Group.

Beer and, to a certain degree, liquor are also different from hardtails. Whereas beer can be more of a domestic affair, the hard liquor industry needs a large amount of critically important selling to make a significant gain. "I' m going to be a little cautious to get into the hard liquor market.

I will concentrate on the beer trade for the moment," said Mr Fujikawa. Burma Brewery began in 1995 as a jointventure with Asia Pacific Brewery (APB), then held by Heineken and Fraser and Neave, and the domestic partnership, military-affiliated Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL).

The Asia Pacific Brewery exited the markets under strong pressures from the world' s financial markets and sold its interest directly to Fraser and Neave. Fraser's and Neave-MEHL's partnership came under considerable stress in 2012 as MEHL's pre-emption right to its partner's interest in Myanmar Brewery in a divestment of a controlling interest in Fraser and Neave was ignored.

An arbiter in Singapore later ruled in favor of MEHL, and the corporation had found Kirin to take over the shares of Fraser and Neave in the corporation. Kirin Holdings Singapore now owns 55 per cent of the beer and MEHL owns 45 per cent.

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