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Myanmar's military tortures Muslims with a violent raping drive.

Fatima, a 13-year-old woman from Myanmar's westerly marshland, began the New Year with a gruelling outing. Resolutely committed to staying afloat until she arrived at the Bangladesh camp - a haven for Rohingya Muslims, one of the most tortured refugees in the run. When Fatima continued, however, her inner self was afire.

Myanmar's military had injured her in almost every way they could a fortnight before. I had it on Christmas day. There was a train that rushed into their town, torched houses and rounded up Muslims. As she tried to flee, Fatima says, three troops found her and repeated rapes in front of her sobs.

Fátima had a blackout of grief. Fátima thanks God for the foreigners who made them. Everywhere in their county, other towns were also besieged - and a few grown-ups who escaped their own hell passed by their house by chance. On their way to the frontier, Fatima rejoined the group.

The Kutupalong refugee camps. Fátima was just another new arrival baked in the dirt. The newcomers are led to the edge of the camps where the fugitives have to form their own accommodation from sludge and tarpaulin. Rohingya appears every single morning with terrible tales. However, even more dark tales are narrated by young people.

Virtually every large human right organization - from the United Nations to Amnesty International to Human Right Watch - has questioned many of these mothers. Myanmar's forces have been systematic in their rape of Moslem wives - a tactics apparently intended to terrorise this people in order to flee the state. Almost 70,000 Rohingya have flowed from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh since October.

Include this number among the 300,000 to 500,000 Rohingya migrants who have escaped cleanup in recent years. It is a 21 st cent. ethnical purge staged by the Myanmar military. Rohingya Muslims are often presented as invertebrate under Myanmar's Buddhist authorities. "Celebrity lawmakers reject their claim to be raped by claiming that Rohingya woman are too "dirty" to excite the troop.

Myanmar's state has been imposing a multi-faceted system of Apartheid on about one million Rohingya for years. Every year, these hardnesses will put a current of Rohingya under duress to get out of the state. Most of them go westward across a broad creek to Bangladesh. During the ravages of the Myanmar military on the Myanmar coastline, this current has become a flow of human beings, all streaming towards refuges camp.

Pakistanis Malala Yousafzai - a young Moslem maiden, just like Fatima. The Kutupalong Refugee Camp is encircled by an ocher-coloured lunar landscape. I' m here to meet Fatima. I have a fellow Member with me from Bangladesh - just in case Fatima would rather give her replies to a man than a women.

in a one-bedroom dormitory. Fatima is lying cross-legged on a synthetic pad. She' s not really Fatima. Sat imagery confirms that their home county, Maungdaw, is in fact marked by an anrson by the Armed Forces. However, none of this is as convincing as the testimonies of Rohingya woman and girl who have also evaded venom.

Besides Fatima, I found three other wives and young ladies who escaped the military roundups in the same area. About half of all Rohingya refugee females questioned by the UN say they have recently been either violated or abused by Myanmar's policeforce. Myanmar authorities have complied with the assertion that all these females are somehow liars, given the compelling proof.

"It' s absurd," says Matthew Smith, creator of Fortify Right, perhaps the most proactive legal organisation, which documents Rohingya deeds. Its name is Aung Win - the same legislator who considers Rohingya wives too "dirty" to be raped. In Bangladesh, more and more raped fugitives appear in health care hospitals - every single female is a vivid rebuttal of denial by the state.

Hundereds of eye-witnesses and casualties such as Fatima and videotapes show that Myanmar's forces and cops are not just at war. During the raid on Rohingya-Dörfer trains seem to be following a gamebook. His first assault hit three policemen stations. Rohingya expatriates in Saudi Arabia coordinate it, according to the International Crisis Group.

However, they have given the troops a perfectly good reason to take advantage of the other 1 million Rohingya. Since November, when this assessment was presented, ten thousand of these people have been fleeing firebombing. More than half of the recent United Nations surveyed say that their own houses were burnt down. As soon as a besiegement begins, the village inhabitants are often fenced in two groups: one for men and one for wives.

You can see in the film how the cops call about 100 Rohingya men and separate them from the mothers. In the following movie you can see the graphical force of the Myanmar Marshal' s frontier patrol against Rohingya. Fátima does not know what befell the girls who were imprisoned in her town. One of the girls from a neighboring county - Noor, a 26-year-old mom - was telling me what was happening after a group of girls were gathered in her town.

The Rohingya run to the frontier helpless and humbled. These are all tales that seem incredibly intimate to Christians who live in Myanmar's secluded oriental jungle. However, perhaps no group in Myanmar is as vilified as the Rohingya. A Myanmar parliamentary group has been saying for years that "inhuman crimes can legitimately be committed" to eradicate them.

The Rohingya are even mocked in Suu Kyi's political parties as non-native "Bengalese" who do not pertain to Buddhist Myanmar. She' s not only apathetic towards Rohingya. A few months before Rohingya cleansing began, Suu Kyi was summoned to the White House to "celebrate" her broken nation's advancement.

In fact, Myanmar's militaries - one of the most infamous in Asia - are not responding to Suu Kyi. Their authorities claim that Rohingya is burning down their own houses to elicit compassion from them. You' re accusing Rohingya woman of making stories of sexual assault. Those formal declarations represent an implausible opinion - that these half-starved fugitives are champions of misinformation and tap into a kind of beehive sense to co-ordinate a propaganda of falsehoods.

It is much more difficult to attribute such an appointment to the physicians in Bangladesh. Many are tired of the destitute Rohingya, who appear in their E.R. with libido. "The Rohingya are exhausting Bangladesh," says Akhtarul Islam, deputy manager of Cox's Bazar District Hospital. He is one of several who are reluctant to accept people.

Talks with various hospital and clinic facilities in the east of Bangladesh indicate that there has been an increase in the number of serious rapes since the beginning of the October outrages. A doctor who works with returnees told me that he has recorded more than 100 accusations of violence against Myanmar's forces. "One has to consider that if we know of a case of violence, we should call the cops - and these are not legal here," says Khaled.

Rohingya can silence the victim of the rapes - especially those who are not seriously wounded - by a mixture of elements, from embarrassment to impoverishment and anxiety. I contacted a 45-year-old doctor in the Kutupalong camp a few hour after the interview with Fatima. The company runs a portable hospital for displaced persons. From October, when the attacks by the Armed Forces began, the company tried to capture every case of sexually assaulted persons that had been brought in by an arriving migrant.

According to Dr. Boktoos, these are people who need urgent care for rape by Myanmar Forces. Outside are about a doze of disguised ladies, nose clenched to the jar and beg for dinner with fleeced arms. Refugees are crowding on the tarmac side of the road 24 hours a day. Fátima was not limited to this destiny.

Fatima has recently won back a kind of dynasty. As Fatima unveils this, I am confused. I' m asking Fatima to meet her man. "This is my house," Fatima says. "For Fatima, it's more like an enclosure. Every nighth Fatima is sleeping here on a concrete ground and shares a synthetic carpet with her new man and a wife, who she now considers a surrogate. 2.

A Rohingya fugitive herself, this surrogate mother found Fatima in bed in the hospital. So, the wife forced her younger sister into an unmarried life with Fatima. Before seventeen a. m., back in Myanmar, Fatima opened her big ears in the little hut she had grown up in. The Rohingya community is profoundly religious, so the Fatima community, like most teenager-girl communities in their area, was kept very small.

It is rare for even a woman to be far away from home.

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