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View photos, profile pictures and albums of Myanmar Beauty. The Myanmar Beauty Hotel, Taungoo Picture: Beautiful photo collection of Burmese monks and the Bagan temples, Myanmar. Portrait of a young Burmese girl in Dala, Yangon, Myanmar. MyBurmese Beautiful Model Girls uploaded a new picture.

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First, thank you for being so kind with all my contributions from Myanmar in the last fewweek. There were many, I know, but I felt very much-inspired to share all the beautiful experience I have had. In my last contribution (yes, you can relax, it's over), I wanted to release a compilation of photographs that won't do.

I like some because of the aesthetic, others because of the warm faces (a recurrent topic on all my trips to Myanmar), and some I wanted to split because they captured the beauty and singularity of the state. If anyone is interested (and I had some guys ask), I take pictures with a Canon 600D with a rather bad objective (18mm - 55mm).

I don't know what all the small pictures on the button are..... is the symbol of the man walking without legs only for photographing the crimes of southern Africa...) I therefore trust that you liked your trip through Myanmar. Now, here's the remaining photos:

Religions permeate almost everything that Myanmarans do, and it is unavoidable. Not infrequently the most important monuments of a city are the couples and monasteries - not only because the Myanmar population attaches so much importance to them, but also because they are wonderfully constructed and lavishly adorned. Remains of old Buddhist monasteries throughout the land will show you the story of Buddhism in Myanmar.

It is still worshipped (and you often find worshippers at the old statues), but it is not always kept at the highest level. The majority of the population outside the towns work in the countryside, taking care of their harvests, and it is the spine of the community here. I have said it before and I will say it again, the Myanmarans have a real kindness towards them and are so hospitable towards strangers.

In order to get good qarma, sometimes humans buy trapped pets and then release them. Eating in Myanmar has a notoriety, but wrongly in my view. Most of the time the meals are very crisp because they probably come from a near -by farming or lakes. Trade, transport, groceries - it offers everything.

It also shows you how nice and tranquil it can be in part. Considering that worship is such an important part of our lives here, many youngsters decide to devote themselves to Buddhism. Looking into a convent (like the first photo below) shows you the routines they have to go through in the context of faiths.

The majority of nuns only have two dinners a days and all the meal is given by those who hope to enhance their reputation and reputation in the group. This hike to the summit of Mandalay Hill is one of the icons in Myanmar - I went up shortly after I visited Mandalay Palace.

It' s a long way, but the trip is full of intriguing little shrines and shrines along the way. Although I couldn't even speak a fucking thing in Burmese, I really liked the icons of the game. Myanmar may not be the place for you if you like to shop.

It can be a long and precipitous stairway, sometimes through the wild, sometimes along a long roofed corridor, as shown in the photo below. The Buddha is the most important Buddha in Myanmar. One can see from the masses of the crowd sitting in front of it to pray how especially it is for the locals.

You will find all kinds of things in different places.

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