Myanmar Beauty Guest House

Burma Beauty Guesthouse

Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse had an excellent stay. Guests have easy access to everything the lively city has to offer from here. Accommodation in Taungoo, Myanmar.

Myanmar Beauty Hotel Guesthouse I Taung

The Myanmar Beauty Guest House I is situated in the famous Toungoo area. We offer our clients a wide variety of facilities and facilities aimed at providing a comfortable and pleasant stay. Myanmar Beauty Guest House I is staffed by a team of service-oriented people, all rooms are furnished and furnished to make you experience the home, and some rooms have LCD/Plasma TV, free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, non-smoking rooms, A/C, minibar.

There are various leisure activities in the resort. Well-staffed, great amenities and closeness to everything Toungoo has to provide are three good factors why you should spend the night at Myanmar Beauty Guest House I.

Ii Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse, Iii & Iv

All of our employees from the communities around Lavasa are recruited as part of our commitment to the communities in order to make sure that their homes have a good livelihood by working in a non-toxic and non-hazardous area. There are over 100 homes throughout the town of Lavasa - a place of great beauty stretching over 1000 hectares.

To ensure your comfort, you will need to request extra household services or checkout at check-in or at least the night before, so that your personnel are well-trained and their mustard baskets are ready according to your preference. You will see that Lavasa was mainly designed for the upscale middle class, with little to no cheap living space, so all village people have to come back to their houses every night.

Therefore, household management is only available in special cases from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am. Lavasa has a large number of residential buildings, size and location. Please be aware that check-in at a cottage is not the same as in a resort house and requires extra testing and extra travel to take into consideration the visit to the premises and the restitution of the caution.

Checking In is 14 o'clock and Checking Out is 11 o'clock. Early In and Late-out check-in fees are extra, usually half a day's fee for every 3 more lessons, unless the real estate you are in has already been reserved by someone else when it needs to be cleared at 11am to make sure it can be ready for the next guest.

There is no check-in & check-out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm to 8 pm and on week days from 6 pm to 9 am. Please reserve a checkout slots at the moment of check-in to make sure it is booked before the checkout date.

There is a service charges at check-in and your car should be neat and complete before check-in. In case you think that the flat is not tidy, you can apply for it yourself at check-in. Because of the meteorological and faunistic conditions in Lavasa, exterior surfaces such as canals and balcony may be moist and have leaves.

If you don't think you are getting the cleanliness you need at check-in, we will try to do the same at a good moment after check-in. During office opening times an optional dry cleaner can be ordered. Supplementary costs of 1,000/- per visit for those travelling with domestic animals and an supplement of 3000R for any damage.

Our visitors are asked to behave decently at all hours of the day. Noisy music is not permitted between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. Lavasa Securities is entitled to take action in the event of neighbour complaint. It would be very welcome if the patrons would keep their cleanness by not tossing smoke bud inside and outside the balconies.

Every loss resulting from this will result in the withdrawal of a repayable bond. Ash trays are available on demand / indicated on registration. Guest-goers are free to drink their own booze. We respect the wishes of our clients and appreciate that they uphold the sacredness of the building, as any bad conduct or harassment leads to stringent precaution.

The guest is asked to use the waste sacks provided for the disposal of the empty cylinders.

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