Myanmar Beautiful places Photos

Burma Beautiful Places Photos

It is definitely a place to visit when you are in Yangon. It is also a great place to introduce your palette to Myanmar cuisine. A must in Myanmar is a longboat day trip on Lake Inle. Burma is such a fantastic place, isn't it? When you come to Inle you will experience the feeling of floating houses, an ideal place to dive deeper into this wondrous beauty of nature.

Top photo sites in Myanmar

Burma is a typically Asiatic land with astonishing old architectures and some beautiful scenery such as paddy farms or renowned overpasses. Swedagon Pagoda is one of the most popular buildings and if you look at it, you can see why. Entry into this state requires a permit and you must be aware of some possible catastrophes that may occur from times, such as seismic events or strong rainfall during the months of May to October.

Twelve pictures showing the sand and Myanmar's natural beauties.

Burma is a place ruled by Buddhism, families and traditions, while becoming at the same time fashionable, secular and touristically welcoming. The majority of the tales come from more distant areas of the state and Myanmar has a tight hold on where visitors can go and quickly closes the state boundaries when the authorities do not think it is secure for them.

Much of Myanmar has been totally off-limits to travellers from the West in recent times, but fortunately many new areas are now being opened and tourist activities are being promoted. See all photos taken by the writer. Myanmar's inhabitants go more slowly; the bell rings in slow, low, strong ripples. In Yangon most of our guests get a first glimpse of Myanmar.

The majority of our intercontinental services arrive here and it is a good base for your journey. It is littered with pagoda-shaped necklaces and the remains of a dark age are now brightly lit with nicely structured, smog-striped ceilings of outdated English architectural style. Yangon is also a great place to bring your palette to Myanmar's kitchen with a great selection of cuisines.

Yangon's epicentre of spirituality, this couch is a turntable of friars, walkers and religious, all speckled with marauding tourist, which is said to contain over 7,700 gems and eight of Buddha's hair. It was once the capitol of the Pagan Empire, the first empire to connect the region to what is now Myanmar.

"When you are a true Myanmar, you must have been to Bagan," is a favorite adage in the state. It is a great time to wake up before sundown, find an abandoned shelter and enjoy live as the tan creeps through the rain. From Bagan we may continue to Mandalay.

As the government capital of the land and home of most friars, Mandalay is a busy, pulsating, charismatic town, which is an excellent starting point for many trips into the area, one of which is located to the southern side of the city: It is used extensively by local people and friars, but is now also used by visitors.

In a rented vessel, many tourists float out to take pictures of the skylines, which are pushed into the background by the bright light. Tip: Remain long and you will be surprised at how quickly the crowds dissolve, take a place at the lakeside and a sparkling drink and savour how the water absorbs the dark colours of the skies.

The Irrawaddy River from Mandalay is a brief excursion to the city of Mingun, the site of the wonderfully destroyed mound of Pahtodawgyi. Construction began in 1790 - much to the regret of the local people, who were severely affected by the work. Inle Lake is a fast plane or night coach from Mandalay.

One of the most frequent places to visit is a few kilometres from the sea in a city named Nyaungshwe. This 116 sq km large waterfront recreation area includes whole village of homes, school buildings and cloisters. It is equipped with transport and canals. It is only five foot wide on sandy beaches, which has led to the best view from Inle, that of the resident fisher who balances conical netting and paddles around an rudder with a slant.

There are some of the most important people of the Inle Sea area. The majority of the female kayans who practise the traditional way of winding brasswindow spools around their neck are living in the town of Loikaw just outside the town.

They can also be found on a conventional weaving machine that makes scarves, or on a Myanmar Long y... Burma has almost 2,000 km of coast and many good sands. Ngapali Beach is the most frequented and probably the most appealing, but it is not the most accesible and usually require a local connection.

There are two more desirable and rewarding beach for those on budgets within a six-hour coach trip from Yangon:

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