Myanmar Beautiful places

Burma Beautiful Places

These are three beautiful places you can include in your trip to Burma. This is also the home of the most beautiful temple we have seen outside Bagan. Kengengung is a beautiful place in the middle of a valley. Arouse the senses of luxury travel in a newly opened country of Myanmar. Explore Saddar Cave in Hpa-An, Myanmar (Burma):

Myanmar's natural beauty - 10 Breathtaking examples

Myanmar is known to many as Burma, a land of sparkling golden sanctuaries. Spend your free day exploring the stunning scenery of Popa Mountain Park or the pulsating wildlife of Namdapha National Park that makes up the remainder of the world. Visit one of the most picturesque and richest places in Myanmar: Lake Inle.

Most of Myanmar's tomato crops come from the wonderful swimming garden, which is able to preserve its natural beauties and wealth with the flow of inviduals. Discover the magnificent bungalow, meeting the inviting locals and take a few moments to relax and savour the simplicity of sea-faring. Discover the breathtaking sandy and whitewashed sandy shores and the wonderful sea that make up the dozy little city of Ngapali.

Savour the mix of civilizations in Myanmar's leading holiday city. Guests can spend the night in luxurious accommodation and still experience the Bengal Gulf's pristine nature. Relax in the sandy beaches and savour the waves while bullock trucks take the daily fish to market and restaurant throughout the city. In order to live the fishermen's villages, come and see us in our house in spring and autumn.

Hike up the 760 foot high ridge that disturbs Mandalay's otherwise shallow countryside to see the beauties of the town and the temple on your way up. Prepare to walk barefooted as you walk up the steps and through the shrine and pagoda. Greet the tranquillity of this heart-shaped pond, of unbelievable religious importance to the Mizo that crosses the Myanmar-India divide.

Encircled by gentle slopes with woods and paddy fields that share the waters of the crystal clear waters of the reservoir, the legend says that the reservoir is a gate to the Mizo side of the sky, and everyone must finally cross it to get to their everlasting home. In order to search the Spiritualit├Ąt of the sea, you go during the group.

In order to find your way of living in the hereafter, go on the weekend when local people come to the lakes to go swimming, drinking and celebrating. Walk through various hiking paths in the gorgeous Popa Mountain Park. Nicknamed after the Sanskrit term for flowers, everything that is growing in the wealthy mountain ground in Popa Mountain Park is alive and pretty, so take your camcorder with you to film it.

You can use our guide to show you the way, as it can be quite simple to get bogged down, and ask for the fossilized wood when you walk along the street just westwards of the town. The home of Nat Ma Taung, Myanmar's third highest peak, Nat Ma Taung National Park, is a gem in the Mindut District.

Discover foggy chains of hills and thick woods with thick tree and fascinating bamboos, look for uncommon and singular birds and find out more about the trunks that call these hills home. Search for native leaders who can show you the real beauties of the hill and its people.

There is so much variety in the reserve that a complete survey of all the different types of animals that live in the reserve is not yet complete.

It will take about 50 years to evaluate the whole reserve in detail and thoroughly. The Namdapha National Parks is one of the main tourist attraction for all those who want to learn about nature. This is the only zoo in the whole wide range of big cats: tiger, leopard, white leopard and leopard clouds.

It is so remote that it has protected this astonishing biodiversity from poaching, evolution and industry contamination. If you are looking for an independent experience, you will find it in Sai Yok National Parc. Sai Yok is easy to access with well-marked and well-kept paths that lead from the Visitors Centre through the gardens and is a great place to start your outing!

A bungalow for hire and a camping site open for 30 Baht per night provide everything you could wish for. Discover the streams and falls that meander through the parks and the caverns beneath the surfaces. Easy to reach by motorbike taxis, you step into the cavern surrounded by two elephant.

When you leave the cavern, you will find a wonderful pond encircled by lime and remote forests. Cruise along the calm water on a wood-fuelled cruise while the local people pedal around through the caverns in paradise. Travel on a journey to explore the Myeik Archipelago.

Catamaran owners only bring along on day trips, so it is simple to experience the rugged island scenery. Legendary tiger and gypsy seals, isolated from the outside worlds, cross the island.

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