Myanmar Beautiful places

Burma Beautiful Places

Beautiful places Myanmar. Visit one of the most beautiful and richest places in Myanmar: Lake Inle. One of the most spectacular places on the planet to watch the sunset. This is a great place to see the beautiful temple of Htilominlo after dark. Kyakaborazi Mountain in Kachin State in Myanmar is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar: 8 good reason to skip Thailand and go to Myanmar instead

There' s a million and one reason to come to Thailand, and you've undoubtedly seen them all: beautiful sandy shores, delicious food, breathtaking scenery and old civilization. Yet the term is widespread and thousands of people - from backpacker tourists to family members - flock to Thailand's towns, shores and towns. When you are looking for a South East Asia location, go to Myanmar.

The region is one of its last unexplored jewels, with dramatic and diverse scenery, tranquil sandy shores, small tribal communities, unparalleled cuisine and the opportunity to get off the web. You will immediately comprehend why so many folks want to keep this incredible (and emotional ) land hidden, from walking on the hill outside of Heho to cycling in and around Bagan.

Unbelievable cuisineIt may not have the reputation of Thai cooking internationally, but Burma is not to be sneezed at. Myanmar's position and the fact that it has been cut off from the West for centuries have strongly affected its kitchen by its neighbours such as Thailand, India and China.

Locals really make a living from the country and try to use everything in their meals and not squander the meal you will notice when eating Shan pasta - a Shan state tradition pasta that is a rich mixture of chickens, dark sauces of beans or seafood, green veggies and almonds.

Curry is also an important part of the kitchen, and the Myanmar strain is a real combination of India spice and Thailand-flavours. Few places in the oceans provide the mere amount of historical archaeological sites Myanmar has to show, and no place shows the amount better than Bagan, a former Myanmar capitol littered with more than 2,000 Buddha istist temples, shrines and stupas all in size, color and size.

The best way to see the temple over the jungle of Bagan is a hot-air flight. The sunset is perhaps the most visited period, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Burma has seen less than five million. There is a tragic influence on how local populations see and live in a given region, and a change in the Myanmar policy environment and the opening of the border to US tourism means that the number of travellers will quickly close in on its more frequented neighbours.

However, at the present time you can still walk through the roads of Yangon, cycle through the thousand Temple of Bagan and tour the towns outside Mandalay and Meiktila without meeting another English-speaking tour. Exciting AdventuresWhile pushing off, boating and walking all over Thailand is certainly astonishing, the Myanmar adventure comes with a few extra benefits.

Second, there is a virtually infinite diversity of things you can see by kayaking, like the stilted towns that cross the grass-covered shores of Lake Inle; by bicycle, like the thousand shrines hiding all over Bagan, with only a small part of them visible from the highway; or on walking - we recommend a walk through the small towns that make up the vast Shan Plateau, like Htee Thein.

If you want to discover the land by sea, on horseback or by cycle, choose the Myanmar trip from World Expeditions, an adventurous itinerary. You will be joined by native guide who will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

When you try to go on a real backpacking holiday with a real backpackers money, go to Myanmar instead, where the same two to three stars hotel and hostel facilities are almost half the price of what they do in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Rivers and their villagesPart of what makes Southeast Asia so unique is the fact that much of it is still relatively nonchartered, and this is particularly so in Myanmar.

Situated along the Irrawaddy Riviera, you can take a boat trip with the luxurious outfitter Avalon Waterways and sailing through the truly pristine waterside towns. The majority of our trips depart from Mandalay and go either to Bagan or Katha. Morning on the riverbank may begin with the chant of devotion from the convents on the riverbank, and you will certainly get past hundred of fisher boats, ferry boats carrying people back and forth, and maybe even a romping, cheerful dragon.

Chindwin River, which descends from the frontier areas of Burma-Assam, is exploring remote towns. In one of the boat trips that are sure to be full of natives coming from and to their village for a truly genuine time. In none of Myanmar's towns or communities can The people are KindYou go down the road without a grin.

In contrast to other towns that are largely dependent on tourists, the friendliness, warmth and caring of the Myanmar tribe is totally authentic. It is also facilitated by the fact that many of the local residents are fluent in English and enjoy practicing their English in a long conversation.

LandscapesMore than just luxuriant woodland screens bordered by the Himalayas, wide open spaces with gold sanctuaries, river cruisers, and red-clad friars who navigate through fog-laden vaults, Myanmar's scenery is also home to many other notable landmarks. Or, the biggest in the country, Inle, surrounded by stilted towns and fishers rowing with their back.

In November, the countryside celebrates a whole series of festivals, among them the Tazaungmone Festival, where the skies above the towns are littered with cow-shaped parrotfall. Myanmar's most extraordinary (and quite openly most confusing) climax is the blessed stone or the bloc of blessed stone adorned with a piece of golden leaves, which is located on the rim of a bluff on top of Mount Kyaiktiyo and seems to defy the force of the heavens.

Myanmar is also home to 1,200 leagues of coastal line along the Bay of Bengal, beyond mountain ranges and villages. There are no masses of people on Thailand's shores and there are beautiful sands, straw-covered cottages and crystalline waters.

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