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The Ngapali Beach is a rarely visited piece of Burma, isolated from the rest of the country by a mountain range. No shortage of remote beaches in Myanmar, but Ma Gyi Zin is up there with the farthest of all. Find out more about what you are doing and where you can visit us, including Bagan, Yangon, monkeys, beaches and more. Situated on the beach, AZ Family Bungalows offers sea views and free private parking.

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After Ngapali Beaches, Maungmagan is the second most important in Myanmar. During the colonial period, Maungmagan Beaches was the English people' favourite place to relax and drink tearo. Ever since, the people of Dawei have adopted the shore as their prime week-end recreation, as they play football/children on the shore and swim in inner hoses on the sands.

The gem of the island's beaches are the small, family-run boutique diners that offer a 300-metre long area. To find out more about Maungmagan Beaches, please click here. This is one of Myanmar's best-kept mysteries. Descend down the pathway at the pit to find the coves of Nabule Bay.

There is a wonderful gold sandy shore punctuated by large granitic cliffs, the biggest rock is topped by a small gold stupa. This lofty sandy area is just that, nothing but the outdoors. It is not often possible to enter a remote seaside paradise, but if you walk over the cliffs to the last cove to find a lack of footsteps, you may have just found the Holy Grail.

The Myawyik Pagoda & San Maria Bay. The Myawyik Pagoda is a nice little cliffy islet with a dam leading from the land to it, both the islet and the dam can be seen in the distant future when you stand at Maung Ma Kan Str. The sandy bay of San Maria Bay is a 3 km long sandy spot just before the Myawyik Pagoda, it' s called after an old lady who used to serve in South Burma during the official time. You probably have the whole sandy area to yourself.

In order to get there, take the only street southwards from Maung Ma Kan Village, the turn-off is about 1 km from the shore. teyzite Beach. Teyzite is one of the most gorgeous beaches with astonishingly clear waters on the Dawei Peninsula. We do not recommend you to swim any further than it looks like There are two small islets in front of the shore that you can get to by long-tail boat: ?

The Shae Moe is one of the nine renowned Shae Moe Pagods in the Dawei region. This trip is really the goal, because few tourist have dared before by small towns, jungles and open rice paddies to reach this historic Pagode at the end of a long cove.

Ngapali was designed to be too far away for most people of Yangon to ride on weekends. There may be a little crowded, as it is the nearest to Yangon, despite the closeness it is still a 6-hour coach ride due to the roadwork.

2 beaches 2 hrs from Myeik. From the beginning of 2016, it is possible to make daily excursions to these beautiful tropic islets. Beaches; mellow blank sandy, gold sandy, dark bluish and verdant water, everything you always wanted. Although they have not yet given this particular name to this place, its beaches are speaking for themselves.

The island 115 is home to some of the best beaches in the Mergui archipelago.

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