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The best beaches in Myanmar?

Next winters I'm going to Myanmar and would like to end the journey with a few pictures. It doesn't bother me to fly there, but I'd rather not remain in a chic seaside resort full of other places. What do you think is the best one?

I' ve seen some posts on this subject, but most of them are a few years old, so maybe they're a little out-of-date? Is there a quieter beach in the area? The Myeik Islands seem a little hard to reach, and there are very few places to shelter?

beaches in Myanmar

I' d like to go to a Myanmar shore. Do you have any referrals? I' ve been told that Ngapali is beautiful, but the hotel looks very expensiven. Do you have any advice for beaches and accommodation? There is nothing near Mandalay and Ngapali is not easily on the street, best to travel, but then it costs about $100, there are a few less priced accommodations.

There are other beaches further southwest of Yangon or further southwards around Dawei. Like Herbie said, there are some beautiful beaches around Dawei, in the South of the state. For more information about beaches and accommodation in the Dawei area, please let me know and I will give you the full information.

What are the beaches like in Myanmar, some kind of night life? Dawei's beaches are very calm and intact. Maungmagan is the principal lido, about 30 min from Dawei. It was hardly a visitor in view and I found only 2 overnight accommodations. There are a number of beaches along the coastline just off Dawei every few kilometres.

To reach these beaches, you need your own transportation. A motorcycle that can be hired in Dawei is ideal. Thank you Chris and Herbie, how about Ngapali in high time?

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