Myanmar Beaches best

Burma's beaches are best

Without a doubt one of the best places for a relaxing holiday is Ngapali Beach near Thandwe (Sandoway) in Rakkhine (Arakan) State, on the Bay of Bengal. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, Ngapali Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Myanmar, if not the best. Ngapali beach is best visited from November to March. Long, wide and clean, the beautiful beach of Ngapali in Myanmar. Find the best offers for beach holidays in Myanmar.

The best beach destinations in Myanmar to be visited (Ngapali & Ngwe Saung)

Burma is a place that has innumerable miracles to accomplish. Whilst the land is known for its breath-taking variety of old coupons, its splendour does not end here. With a wide stretch of coast encircled by palms, untouched golden sands, and crystalline water, Myanmar's beaches are something you should not miss.

Most of the country's most beautiful beaches are in a westerly direction, so that one can definitely look forward to a unique sundown. So if you're asking yourself which beaches should be included in your Myanmar itinerary, we're here to help you. The Ngapali is Myanmar's most visited seaside resort.

When you are a connoisseur of the gold mildew of the sundowner, this is the place where you will be in absoluteweigh. The Ngapali beaches are a view of paradise with its 7 kilometres of coastline, surrounded by palms and clear, blue waters that are wonderfully reflected against the calm sky. Ngapali is very sophisticated and a favourite with visitors, so the beaches offer a wide range of inexpensive and first-class resort, hotel and restaurant facilities.

Meanwhile, the village still seems to preserve its tradition, with Ngapali being home to a number of fishermen's communities. Some of the things you can really enjoy when you are visiting the beaches of Ngapali. When you are looking for an everlasting seaside adventures, Myanmar is a travel agency in Myanmar that can help you with the best seaside tours for you.

Since Ngapali is well known, more and more people are looking for other beaches in Myanmar. And if you are one of those who have already seen the Ngapali beaches, then take a look at Ngwe Saung next. The Ngwe Saung is 5 hours by car from the town of Yangon.

Ngwe Saung is not as completely modernised and extended as Ngapali. Ngwe Saung should be at the top of your agenda if you are a seaside fan and looking for a wonderfully relaxed and quiet holiday on the beaches. It is one of the quietest beaches in the land.

Also known as "Silver Beach", Ngwe Saung has great beaches of sands. It is also westward facing, so you can relax on the beaches and enjoy a magnificent view of the setting sun shimmering over the ocean. Although Ngwe Saung is not a big hot spot in comparison to Ngapali, the place still provides an just as pleasant range of avenues.

Silver or Ngwe Saung is a great spot for family or individual guests looking for a calmer, more peaceful area. That' s why the help of the best Myanmar based tour operator is perfect for you to get the most out of Ngwe Saung. Discover the jewels of Myanmar and fully appreciate it with the Myanmar tourist guides!

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