Myanmar Beaches

Burma Beaches

Compare all Myanmar's beaches, with photos. South Burma's coast is lined with beaches. Myanmar Beaches, Check out the Top Myanmar (Burma) Beaches & Know the best time to make Myanmar Beach Vacation. It is a great place for long walks on the beach, reading books and swimming in the sea. The Ngapali Beach is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma.

Myanmar's best beaches

Do you think the best choice for your holiday and your money? The Ngapali is known for its tranquil blue waters and a few leagues of quiet beaches of calm sand and palms. It is where you have to go to get away from it all, because it is not the simplest or least expensive one.

On the other hand, most places in Myanmar are not. The Ngapali offers some of Myanmar's fresest shellfish and the cleanest, most relaxed atmosphere. Ngapali Beach is at the upper end of the pricelist with many exquisite accommodations along the unspoilt coast. Because of the continuing riots in the area, Ngapali may not be accessible by road or coach.

It is recommended to take a one hours plane from Yangon to Thandwe (about four mile from the beach). The Ngwe Saung Beaches are perfect for a not too costly week-end trip, offering a pleasant mixture of local and foreign people and both backpacker tourists and holidaymakers looking for luxuries.

There is also a beautiful shoreline as Ngapali, but much nearer to Yangon. Relaxing is not difficult with Ngwe Saung. It' s not (yet) full of beach hustle and bustle. No. Walk along its almost 10 nautical leagues of white powder. If you want a more exciting stay in a chic resort, pitch your tent at the Ngwe Saung Yacht Club (from $45 US$ per night).

The Ngwe Saung Beach is likely to see further growth in tourist activity as it becomes more accessible to a burgeoning Myanmar mid-range and stays on the grid for travellers looking for a less expensive Ngapali. The Chaung Tha Beach is not necessarily recognised as the most gorgeous sandy beach in Myanmar, but it does attract the crowds with its goldiness.

Chaung Tha is about as far away from Yangon as Ngwe Saung, and it is a complete capture for shooting butchers. Busses run from Yangon to Chaung Tha for about $20 US. Chain Tha definitely sees the most activity on Myanmar's best beaches. Seize the chance to meet with Myanmarers.

Calmer, more secluded beaches are only a cycle tour to the south. Attempt to stay in a cheap Chaung Tha resort and then head to the tranquil seclusion during the afternoon when the rush is too big. Myanmar's best season to explore its beaches is from December to April.

The majority of bathing towns are nearby in the wet seasons between May and October. Some of them remain open, so it's best to double check before you leave. Another more remote area known to have stunning beaches in Myanmar should be on your wish lists.

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