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We are dedicated to directly improving the social fabric of life in Myanmar/ The Emerald Sea Resort::::: This is a unique opportunity to discover our "One Island One Resort" concept on an unexplored island in the Andaman Sea in southern Myanmar. Myanmar's most developed beach resort, Ngapali is well supported by amenities despite its location. In the rainy season between May and October, most bathing resorts are nearby. Fortunately, we have put together great deals for the best resorts in Myanmar.

Three Myanmar beaches and seaside resorts to fell in loves with.

The best Myanmar has to offer? With most Myanmar shores overlooking the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, which means they are west oriented, you can enjoy the stunning sundowns in the afternoons. What is the best time of year to go to Myanmar?

Myanmar's beach seasons last from December to April when the climate is more favourable. The most resorts and resorts are closed from May to October, as this is the months of the year. When you want to savour the surfs in Myanmar, you can find the largest breakers from May to June just before the peak rains, although you can sail all year round if you have nothing against smaller breakers.

Myanmar's major beaches are Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung and Chuang Tha and all have something different to do for Myanmarers. However, one thing to keep in minds is that they are off the well-trodden paths like many other places in Myanmar such as Bagan and Mandalay.

Ngapali Beach is the best known of the beach areas in Myanmar and on a journey you can find about seven kilometers of fine sandy along the coast, which turns into blue water. The Ngapali Beach can be reached directly from Yangon, which takes only 45 minutes by plane, making it one of the simplest beach in the world.

It is quite hard to get to Ngapali Beach by land, as the area directly around Ngapali Beach is not accessible to the public and the state is formally on many official tour alerts from the state. The Ngapali Beach is relatively remote because it is far off the well-trodden paths in Myanmar, although in high seasons there are still some open resorts and hostels.

For the high-end resorts, you can pay over $100 per overnight during the high seasons. Although this is a secluded place, you will also find a number of shellfish and snorkeling shops, scuba and kayak are favorite pastimes on Ngapali Beach.

Ngwe Saung, which means Silver Beach, is another favourite beach resort in Myanmar. Near Ngwe Saung lies just down the road from Ngapali Beach, nearer to Yangon. You will find clear sea on a tour to Ngwe Saung, but it is a little less evolved than Ngapali Beach, which is great if you want to get away from it all and soak up.

From Yangon you can take a flight to the beach, which lasts about 35 min, or you can take the 6 hour shore shuttle or a picturesque 16 hour cruise across Pathein. Like Ngapali Beach, the major attraction of Ngwe Saung is the possibility to swim and snorkel or you can also discover the area by motorcycle.

There are some cheap pensions where you can get a dormitory for about $15 or you can spend the night in a hotel that can be as expensive as $400. Ngwe Saung has a large choice of accommodations for every budget and you will find that there are tasty shellfish shops where you can eat tasty lobsters, crabs and prawns.

Another good option is Chaung Tha, which is closer to Yangon and is known as a favourite destination for middle-class natives who want to leave the town on weekends. Though it is comfortable, Chaung Tha is not quite as beautiful as some of the other Myanmar beach and it gets very bustling during the big vacations.

On the promenade there are a few less scenic islands than the vast open sand dunes of Ngwe Saung and Ngapali Beach, but you can take a boating tour and snorkel off the shore and enjoy the beautiful tropic fishing that bathe in these waterways.

Although Chaung Tha is a little bit nearer to Yangon, there are still cheap accommodations in the range of $15-20 and high-end resorts. In order to get to Chaung Tha, many folks drive to Pathein first or you can take a 5-6 hour long coach directly from Yangon.

It is also possible to take the coach between Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung, which lasts about 4h and is a good option if you want to go to two different beach resorts while in Myanmar. A thing to keep in mind when exploring beach areas in Myanmar is that they are often more costly than other parts of the land due to their remoteness, the development of infrastructures and the focus on resorts.

They should also keep in mindful that Myanmar's beachwear is different from other parts of Southeast Asia and many natives will be swimming in their clothing, even in denim, for humility purposes. People are not kept to the same standards and you can use a swimsuit, but you should also keep in mind that it is best to be modest in beach areas.

Tanning or nude bathing without the sun is certainly not advisable in Myanmar.

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