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Ngwe Saung Eskala Hotels & Resorts. Compare Myanmar Beaches; Ngapali, Ngwe Saung & Chaung Tha - Ngapali, Myanmar. Find the lowest hotel rates in Chaungtha Beach, Myanmar by searching our directory. Bungalows, Shwe Moung Than Hotel.

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Hpa-an Angel Land is a professional managed resort; $35-70At the more beautiful end of the Hpa-an accommodations is a good option for those who want to stay in Hpa-an in a certain level of comforts. The Myanmar wood is used throughout the entire property, with some intricate carvings adorning the communal areas. The Soe Brothers Guesthouse; 8 - 20Ask everyone about Hpa-an and they will tell you about Soe Brothers, and they will.

Whilst their guest house is a little small and weary, the client services are extraordinary and all employees have a high level of knowledge of German, which is strongly recommendable for the price-conscious traveller. Situated next to the Goldmarket and the Ye Riviera, they have a beautiful twin room with a view of the Riviera for $6 and single people for $3, which is a fantastic value.

He is a supportive man with English. Mung Ma Kan Kan resort; $30 - $50 The term "resort" may be used loosely. Located on the beach, the residence has a state-of-the-art soundsystem with audio-soundsystem that plays most of the days and nights, but the management learns quickly and the place improves.

The Dawei CityDawei has a good choice of hotels with more than half of the stock that are less than one year old. The cost ranges from $9 for backpackers to $60 for advanced hotels. A friendly English speaker, the better guest house in Myeik. Kawthaung's biggest and newest establishment, far away from the waterfront near the main traffic circle at the seated Buddha.

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Myanmar's coastline has some of the most remote and picturesque places to relax on clean whitewash and swim in blue water throughout Southeast Asia. Magnificent beach features now peppering the banks of Ngapali Beach amidst small fishermen settlements, all with breathtaking view and open entrance to the crystalline water of the Bay of Bengal.

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