Myanmar Beach Holiday

Burma Beach Holidays

Do you dream of a beach holiday without crowds? Made-to-measure beach tours in Myanmar are your key to paradise. Myanmar's largest city & perhaps the best-preserved example of a European colonial capital in Southeast Asia. View one of Myanmar's beach holidays, which give you the opportunity not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to discover the local culture. A beach holiday in Myanmar (Burma).

Ngapali Beach

There is nothing more enticing than making Myanmar's pristine beach forget the warmth of a long journey. A beach holiday in Burma is just the thing. By the end of your Myanmar journey, you can prolong your holiday with a restful beach holiday on one of Myanmar's most scenic sands.

Surviving for a thousand kilometres from the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea, the remaining coastline boasts magnificent shores, coves and islets. Ngapali, Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha are among the most attractive resorts in the whole underworld. Ngapali is situated on the western shore of Burma in the state of Arakhine and is the country's first holiday town.

With its unspoilt golden sandy beach overlooking the blue water of the Bay of Bengal, it is surrounded by luxuriant green. It' a celestial place to end your holiday in Myanmar. It is recommended to spend 2 to 4 nights in Ngapali. Just relax and savour the beautiful sandy beach with palms or select one of the outdoor pursuits we offer:

Bicycle tours or walks to explore the area: small fishermen's towns, colourful market, dry goods stores and nice mussels, etc. Ngapali can only be reached by airplane, which restricts the number of people. There are many different types of hotel, from the simplest bungalow to the most luxurious, stylish hotel on the beaches.

Situated at the Gulf of Bengal, but further southwards in comparison to Ngapali, Ngwe Saung is still little known to travellers. Fifteen kilometres long, this magnificent beach - whose name means "Silver Beach" - you will enjoy its silvery sands, crystalline waters and palms in a well-preserved setting.

All types of hotel provide you with a pleasant place to spend a holiday that will make your holiday a memorable one. Chaung Tha, one of Myanmar's three most renowned shores, is a tranquil bay of Bengali. It is less loved by overseas travellers than Ngapali or Ngwe Saung, a funny seaside destination loved by the Myanmar mid-range.

It is only two kilometres long and has no beach with blank sands such as Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, but the sea food is not overpowering. The beach is quite clear and the beach sellers are not obtrusive. You can sit on the beach in front of the resort, relaxing on the beach, or take part in other beach and beach entertainment to explore the surrounding islands, fishermen's towns and scuba-dive.

From Yangon to Chaung Tha it takes 5-6 hours by road despite the small distances. Myanmar's majority of tourists are amazed that the land has more than ten pristine shores to enjoy. In addition to the three major sands Ngapali, Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha, there are some beautiful sandy areas in the south of the state.

This is the right way if you want to go to the southern part of the countryside and be pampered in secluded beach-paradise. After Ngapali, the second most historic beach in Myanmar is the beach of the Maung Magan. In the British colonisation period Moungmagan is the British beach for relaxation and teas. Ever since, the people of Dawei have made it their prime week-end recreation by swimming in hoses on the beach and soccer.

Though only 12 kilometres from Dawei, the beach is very underdeveloped and mainly serves the people. This is one of Myanmar's best-kept mysteries. It has a wonderful sandy beach, interrupted by a large rock of gravel, the biggest rock is topped by a small monument. This lofty beach is nothing but the outdoors.

It' s not often that you can enter a secluded beach haven, but if you walk over the cliffs to the last cove to find the footprints, you may have just found the Holy Grail! Teyzite is one of the most attractive sandy beach in Dawei. Two small islets in front of the beach can be reached by longtail canoe.

South Burma is the right place for you if you want to explore new shores or if you are just a free traveller looking for new perspectives.

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