Myanmar Beach Destinations

Burma Beach Destinations

Ngapali is the most developed beach in Myanmar, but it has not nearly reached the level of infrastructure in Phuket - and let's hope it stays that way. The Chaung Tha is the most popular beach among the locals. Not as popular as Bali in Southeast Asia, Myanmar owes its fame to its breathtaking beaches! Located on the west coast, Ngapali is the best beach destination in Myanmar. ROWSE BEACH HOLIDAYS IN OTHER Destinations Explore Myanmar Beach Tours with a local travel agent in Myanmar.

Best beaches and islands in Myanmar

"Disputed goals: Featuring kilometres of pristine coastline and more than 800 inhabited islets, the trip southwards to Myanmar's shores may not be simple - but it's all there. Burma has never been regarded as a top beach resort in Southeast Asia, especially not because of the former prohibition on tourists on the coastline.

But as the land opens its boundaries to tourists, many concealed seaside gems have been uncovered. Ngapali is the most advanced beach in Myanmar, but it has not nearly reached the standard of Phuket facilities - and let's do so. and Ngapali isn´t known as a backpacking location.

But at the north end of the beach I could find a fistful of cheap accommodations for less than US $20/night. With Ngapali attracting more and more tourists, many of today's top travel agents are offering bike trips, hikes in the surrounding mountain areas, snorkelling, trekking or canoeing. In case you are more interested in cultural activities, rent a motorcycle and drive to the fishing town at the south end of the beach.

End the afternoon, take a stroll along the beach of Ngapali when the light goes down and stop at one of the nearby bars to sample some of the finest cuisine. The capital is Ngapali, where the busses are arriving. The Chaung Tha is the most favourite beach among the people.

This is the right place for a truly indigenous adventure - and you´ll offers reasonably priced lodging. You can snorkel, ride a bike or ride a bike, but Chaung Tha has no facilities like Ngapali. The Ngwe Saung has a great deal of growth and it´s is meant to be growing, as it is the secluded beach of Yangon.

Here you will find medium sized accommodations and sandy beach. Rent a motorcycle and drive across the long sandy beach and eat crisp sea food in some of the city' s best cuisine. When you dare to the south end of the beach, it is much more empty and you may even have the whole beach to yourself!

And if you have a relaxed price, you can hire a boat or guide to discover the surrounding islets, where you can go snorkelling in clear water with colourful critters. For a less researched and untouched side of Myanmar, visit the Andaman Sea. It is the most important town in this area on the bank of a stream, but not far from the shore.

You have to take a coach trip or rent a motorcycle and drive half an an hour before the first beach, Maungmagan. For the adventurous, take a one and a half to three hrs trip from Dawei to some of Myanmar's most beautiful sands.

Grandfather's, Sin Htauk and Paradise Beach are among them. They have a few beachfront bungalow bamboos with essential amenities (no electric current, only sun energy and no Wi-Fi) for US $20-$30/night. More information and hints on the Dawei beach can be found here. Although the Myanmar authorities can see the full appeal of this island - with more than 800 islets, clear water and unparalleled dive sites - progress is slow.

To date there are several luxurious destinations on some of the island, and the most comfortable way to explore the island are day trips from Myeik, which cost US $60-$100. Snorkelling and snorkelling are without question the best things to do in the Mergui Articel.

A lot of cruise ships and boats come from Thailand and spend a few nights around the island to explore its unspoilt dive sites. Kayak through the mangrove or hike through the jungle of the largest islets. The Moken, one of Myanmar's many minority groups - informal "sea gypsies", are native to this isle.

" This is a sentence you often hears travellers mumble when you tell them to dare to go to one of Myanmar's beautiful sands. Whilst these are not easy or cheap to access in comparison to other South East Asian strands, it is this discomfort that leaves the strands intact. In addition, a complicated arrival is all the more rewarding.

Myanmar has two major beach tourist regions: the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Neither region is well advanced - for some there is not even the possibility, and for others the slower ride will not be worthwhile - unless you are ready for the adventure.

You can find an airport near Myeik (Mergui Archipelago), Dawei and Ngapali. Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung are the best reachable from Yangon and will take about six to eight at most. It takes about 26 hrs to Myeik, 16 hrs to Dawei and 14 hrs to Ngapali. On the way to Myanmar?

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