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They can compare BBC Hausa with: VOA, BBC, AIR Staff Listed. BBC travels to a remote rebel camp in Myanmar. One news programme broadcasts slides entitled "VOA and BBC, Himmel voller Lügner. TV Update and RFA Radio Burma News TV Update fm Radio myanmar myanmar fm Radio myanmar Radio Movies myanmar Radio old..


Korea and Myanmar: Different ways - Andray Abrahamian

Nordkorea and Myanmar (Burma) are the most enigmatic and tragical tales in Asia. Burma was threatened internally: rebel groups collided with the Burmese authorities and with each other. North Korea was external: an enemy super power - the United States - and a much more effective competitor - South Korea - occupies half of the Korea-Penninsula. In the course of the years Myanmar conquered its foes and gave it room to investigate a kind of democratisation and open-mindedness that has lead to re-integration into the world community.

Meanwhile, North Korea's regimes believe that its atomic weapons stockpile - the main cause for their paria state - is essential for the country's continued existence.

Authoritarian public: Autocratic power and legitimacy in the North - Alexander Dukalskis

Authorship régimes create and spread grounds, histories and statements as to why they have the right to govern. In order to protect the legitimizing embassies from critique, dictatorial governments also censure information that they perceive as menacing. Three areas in which a possible underversion of legitimizing embassies is possible are also examined: the North Korean dark market, the network of independents in Burma and the Chinese area.

Together with state-produced medias, orations and laws, the book provides a wealth of insight into how authentic legitimacy affects day-to-day political debate among the authority of the state.

BBC: Sloorr jamming voa again

TITLE: ABKHAZIA; BODY: 43 ] Extracts from the Media Network by Radio Netherlands, Goonetilleke: Short Wave and Medium Wave 1575kHz. Radio teletype transceivers plus radio teletype and Radio T Jamming stations in the Mideast. That'?s the fun thing, Diana. Burma is undisturbed by the Voice of Democratic Burma, which comes from Norway, as are the BBC& Jammers from Burma, who land on VOA because on two radio stations, 11840 and 6030, both radio stations have their misery.

Headliine: ABKHAZIA; Body: without official supervision by NCGUB. outside agencies. victory). position of the governing State Law and Order Restoration Council, which is against the Karen National Union (KNU) activity. several years. BODIES: on Moattama blocks 5 and 6 of the Totals group (see chart, OGJ, February 13, 1995, p. 28).

Boycotting Pepsi in Mandalay! Boycotting Pepsi in Mandalay!

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