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Sheets: Profile: Thein Sein, President of Myanmar

Myanmar's President Thein Sein, a former general, can go down in the annals as the man who headed "irreversible changes". Spoke a promise to the UN General Assembly in New York in 2012, saying Myanmar (also known as Burma) was on a road from which it would not withdraw. He was the first time that a Myanmar guide had visited the United States in 46 years.

He took up his post in March 2011, after the first elections in 20 years in November 2010. He has since headed a Myanmar transition project that was governed for many years by a major member of the Myanmar army junt. During his reign, the regime has persuaded several hundred inmates, among them detained politicians, to negotiate peaceful relations with national minorities and to relax restrictions on the use of the press.

A cautious welcome to the international scene was given, despite criticism that many important trials still exist for the Myanmar overhaul. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government's political party, repeated this message in November 2014, saying that the speed of reforms had stifled. In a small town in the Irrawaddy Valley in an area now known as Ngapudawownship, Thein Sein was created out of shelter.

Reaching the ranks in the 1990', he became a member of the State Peace and Development Council, as the regime then was known. Hisin also presided over the National Convention, which drew up the country's new constitutional state. In May 2007, when former premier Soe Win became ill, Thein Sein was appointed incumbent premier.

Like many other top officers of the Burmese government, he exchanged his army uniforms for civil clothes in April 2010 to create a civic group. Thein Sein was the one who competed for the registration of the United Solidarity and Development Parties (USDP), which ruled the November 2010 election and comprehensively controlled the legislature.

The analyst said his nomination was staged by Than Shwe, who needed an agreeable face for the country's overture. "He' s not going to be rocking the boat," said Aung Zaw, journalist for Thai newspaper Irrawaddy, when he took over. "But when he took up his post, the administration of Thein Sein began a transformation that took its critic by surprise.

Aung San Suu Kyi, a liberated pro-democracy activist who then decided to reintegrate her NLD faction into the mainstream after boycotting the November elections. Thein Sein seems to have worked well with Suu Kyi since her liberation. Thein Sein has been known as calm by birth and has been more involved with global news coverage.

It began a constant pressure on the West to remove penalties, which he described as a need for the prosperity of Myanmar's democracies and the improvement of the life of its population. "He has a silent resolve, he is calm and silent, but he will not shy away from a Q&A asked," said Vijay Nambiar, the UN's chief advisor to Myanmar, Bloomberg.

All we are doing is reacting to the people's wish for reforms. "and we were doing what we believe," he said.

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